In General, observers say, the farewell ceremony for the dead is clearly politicized “PR”-character. Note that the body of Floyd will be buried immediately, only next week. After the ceremony in Minneapolis the coffin with his body will go in raeford, North Carolina, where he was born, for a public farewell and a private family service on Saturday, AP reported. Next, the same public ceremony will be held on Monday in Houston, where he grew up and lived most of his life. Then Tuesday in the Church “Fountain of praise” will be serving 500 people murdered and then buried. Meanwhile, in social networks some users have suggested that the next in the chain of such events after the funeral will be receiving US President, trump family of Floyd in the White house.

serving in the Church on the territory of North Central University in downtown Minneapolis Thursday morning began with the reading of the Scriptures the Reverend Jerry Macaffe of the local Baptist Church. Members of the family and friends of George Floyd arrived at the Church and took their seats to participate in the memorial service. To say goodbye to Floyd expressed a desire Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey and Congressman Ilhan Omar, well-known American politician Jessica Jackson. Meanwhile, on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian was circulated photograph of a few white Republican congressmen knelt in front of the Church. On his knees also took the local police on the path of the motorcade with the coffin of the deceased. The participants of the ceremony said that they are socially distanced from each other to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

At the ceremony, the brother of George Floyd, Felonies Floyd, said that the family of the deceased and American society “get justice”. We will remind that earlier on CNN he expressed the opinion that police officers who were involved in the incident deserve the death penalty. The family’s lawyer, Benjamin crump, said the fight for justice should continue “in the courtroom and beyond”. Previously it turned out that Floyd was positive for coronavirus in April, but crump said “that’s not what killed him”. “It was another pandemic with which we are all too familiar in America, this pandemic of racism and discrimination killed George Floyd”, – said the lawyer.

In particular, this is evidenced by the fact that the lawyer of Floyd, urged Americans to continue to protest until “justice is restored”. While crump, obviously retrieve the professional benefits of this high-profile case, as usual, was limited to pretentious statements. Also, the commentators pointed out, decided to extract their own benefit from a memorial ceremony and rector of North Centraltion of the University Scott Hagan, where was the service. “Before I make my brief prayer, I just want to announce that as President of this institution, I announce the establishment of a scholarship named George Floyd”, – said Hagan. As noted by the BBC, he challenged all the presidents of universities in the United States, urging them to create a similar memorial scholarships George Floyd. The audience in the Church stood up and applauded the Haganah.

47-year-old African-American Reggie Jones, who came from South Carolina to sell t-shirts George Floyd near the cemetery told Tht Guardian that had never seen protests like those that swept the U.S. last week. “Some things will change. This will help officers to understand their actions. This will allow people to hear us. Hear our cry,” said a trader t-shirts. According to him, “him and his friends was nice, last Thursday and three other policemen were accused of aiding Derek Sovino and his instigation of the murder of Floyd”.


In those moments when he held a memorial service in the court in connection with the death of Floyd stood three police officers of Minneapolis. Thomas lane, Jay Alexander Chuang and Tao was accused of aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree murder. If convicted, they face up to 40 years in prison. They were bail is set at 750 thousand dollars. A day earlier, the attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison has toughened the prosecution of 44-year-old former police officer Derek Sovino to second-degree murder in the case of 46-year-old George Floyd. He also faces 40 years in prison. It became known that two out of three of the accused guards did not have time to serve in local police and weeks, while on probation under the guidance of Sovana.

Recall that the suture holding the knee on the neck of a Floyd for eight minutes and 46 seconds – nearly three minutes after the deceased African-American ceased to respond to external factors. He was taken to the medical centre County Hennepin in the ambulance and was declared dead about an hour later.