The entry into force of the law on viticulture and winemaking banning Russian winemakers use imported raw materials, has prompted companies to seek local suppliers. So, Russia’s largest producer of sparkling wines “Abrau-Durso” done before the end of the year to purchase 300 thousand dal of wine materials from the Derbent wine company. A limited number of vineyards in the Russian Federation will not allow you to replace all imported raw materials, but because of the increased demand of Russian wine stock can rise, experts predict.The largest Russian manufacturer of sparkling wines “Abrau-Durso” family business of the Ombudsman Boris Titov will purchase the wine from the Derbent wine company. About this “Kommersant” reported side. Until the end of 2020 new partner “Abrau-Durso” must provide the company with 300 thousand dal of wine materials. Commercial terms of cooperation not disclosed. GK “Abrau-Durso” produces sparkling wines under the same brand and still wines “Abrau-Durso”, “Vedernikov Winery” and water. According to its own data, in 2019, the group produced 42.2 million bottles. The revenue of “Abrau-Durso” for the period of 8.2 billion rubles., net profit — 1,3 billion rubles, stated in the financial statements.According to the register, Dagestan, OOO “Derbent wine company” in equal shares belongs to JSC “Agrotech” LLC “Tessera invest”, the owners of which are Ruslan Yakhyaev, as well as Ruslan and Timur Babaev respectively. The proceeds of the Derbent wine company in 2019 — 128,9 mln, net loss — 266,3 million rubles, follows from the “SPARK-Interfax”. According to its own data, the company grows the grape varieties Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling and Pinot Noir on 930 hectares By 2024, the area of vineyards is planned to increase to 2.5 hectares. Demand for Russian partner appeared in “Abrau-Durso” after joining in June 2020 force of the law on viticulture and winemaking. The document prohibits Russian winemakers use imported grapes. Otherwise, the company must indicate on its products, which it is not wine. As reported in the Derbent wine company, a collaboration with “Abrau-Durso” will be long-term, subsequently, the volume of wine will be increased to 600 thousand has given. The area of its own fruit-bearing vineyards “Abrau-Durso” is 1.3 hectares. the President of the Union of winegrowers and winemakers Leonid Popovich expects the Russian wine producers that used imported wine material, will begin to move EN masse on the Russian raw materials after the entry into force of the new law. But it will not help to avoid reduction in the production of wine in Russia, as the country’s vineyards will not be enough to meet the resulting needs, he said. According to the forecast Director tsifrra Vadim Drobeta, in 2021 the production of wines and sparkling wines in Russia will fall by 40% relative to 2019. Then, the country produced 32 million was given by the silent and 14 million has given sparkling wines, he says. In addition to the reduction in production volumes due to the increased demand for Russian wine will increase and its price, bringing the cost of the final product will increase by about 20%, experts predict. He did not rule out that as a result consumers will be forced to switch to other alcoholic drinks.Maria Kotova