Why the Bolshoi theatre of Belarus has entered the top three theatres of the CIS

Always possible hint of distrust at the impressionable music lover, when he offered to take a shot in the top three of the best Opera theatres of the CIS countries.

However, when a reputable travel portal Turstat issued April 17 at Spiegel celebrated orchestra of the Moscow academic a Great, all questions melt away by themselves, like spring snow, I guess art lovers. In the second place the portal this time put another Big Theater of Opera and ballet of Belarus. And the bronze medal in music competition announced Kazakh State academic theatre of Opera and ballet named after Abay with the headquarters in Almaty.

a Lot of unique stories ready to tell his fans the Belarusian theatre for its rich history. In 1930, for example, a soloist of the Mariinsky theatre Anton Bonachich in Minsk organized the first Studio, which three years later and lifted the curtain State theatre of Opera and ballet.

Although you can start with the fact that for nearly nine decades it supplied twenty thousand of the performances, and the audience applauded the two hundred premiere performances. But even an energetic organizer and an expert on the history of the theatre, its former managing Director could hardly list all of their performances. Although the first Opera premiere of may 25, 1933 – “Carmen” performed by the great Belarusian singer Larisa Aleksandrovskaya is forever preserved in the annals of the “Golden Fund” of the vocal art.

Or remember the location of the recognized classics of Polish Opera of stanisław Moniuszko, who for many years was a friend of Glinka, Dargomyzhsky and Cui. It is closely in contact with the Russian and Belarusian culture, which is reflected, recognized by musicologists, and his work. To catch the thread of this spiritual connection was at the gala concert at the Bolshoi, which last year featured excerpts from many of his works.

Finally, lovers of statistics can be surprising and the fact that about a third of a million people visited Belarusian temple of musical art in the past year.

by the Way, in the first five Opera giants of the CIS, the portal calls the State theatre of Opera and ballet “Astana Opera” Nur-Sultan and Azerbaijan state academic Opera and ballet theatre named after M. F. Akhundov in Baku.

And is located next to the Armenian academic theater of Opera and ballet after A. Spendiaryan in Yerevan academic Bolshoi theatre of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi in Tashkent Opera and ballet theatre of the Republic of Moldova “Maria Biesu” in Chisinau, the Kyrgyz academic theatre of Opera and ballet in the name of Abdylas Maldybaev in Bishkek, the Tajik state academic theatre of Opera and ballet named after Sadriddin Ayni in Dushanbe.