Why Minsk has doubled exports in Dushanbe

Dynamics of supplies of Belarusian tractors in Tajikistan testifies to the considerable resources of the engineering industry of the country, say local analysts. They note that only in the first three months of this year deliveries of products “MTW” in Dushanbe increased by almost two times.

Local news portals have reported that in the first three months in the Central Asian Republic from Belarus shipped over 100 tractors and accessories. “Compared to the same period last year this figure has doubled,” confirmed the company.

In Minsk recognize the fact that among the Commonwealth countries, this market has become strategically important for MTZ. First, the products of the plant implement and promote two of the subject of the distribution network. And secondly, on the basis of one of them organized manufacturing center of Belarusian machinery.

by the Way, the company learned explained that spare parts and components imported into the territory of friendly countries for Assembly of agricultural machinery since the beginning of this year, are not subject to VAT and customs duties. “Legal incentives contribute to the growth of the scope of cooperation between our countries”, – stressed in the factory manual.

Observers also draw attention to the fact that MTZ is considered a leader in the production and sale wheeled agricultural tractors in the CIS. “The share of equipment brand of BELARUS in the total production of wheeled tractors plants of the countries of the Commonwealth in 2019, reaching 88 percent. And in most States, the market share of Belarusian machinery ranges from 40 to 80 percent,” stated the company.

And another positive touch to the story. In the CIS, said the Agency, has more than 30 regions of the MTZ commodity distribution network on the basis of which there are more than 15 Assembly plants. “In connection with the epidemiological situation in the world, as well as measures and recommendations to governments, the work of all the subjects continues as in-house and remotely. All applications dealers and trade houses are made quickly,” confirmed the company.