Admittedly, men who use facial oil and Serum, are, as yet, still in the minority. Out of the question, however, is that these products are reasonable and the Grooming Routine of a man’s face in addition to wash well with water, and the Use of any skin cream goes. What exactly is facial oil and Serum are, what Use are they and why are they both in your care Routine should incorporate all that you learn here. (Also read: the Best of The Grooming-cosmos)

maintain The facial oil

facial oils and protect your skin in the long term. Different essential Oils donations in addition to the normal care additional moisture and form a long lasting protective film that protects it from harmful environmental factors – the skin slows down aging. In clear text: less wrinkles – yeah!

The contained plant extract plumps your skin and leaves a healthy Glow. And Yes, the men want to be fresh and awake look. Normal, dry, oily, or blemish-prone skin – make sure to choose a facial oil that suits your skin type. (Read here what skin type you are)

The Serum

A Serum scores mainly with highly concentrated ingredients. Since it is composed of smaller molecules, it does not invade deep layers of the skin, which reaches a day or night cream. Serums provide your skin with an extra dose of moisture, but also pigment spots, blemishes and wrinkles. Due to its water base you will have a light, gel-like Texture and a drag very quickly. (Also interesting: face care for men: these are the best Tools)

Why you need Oil and Serum

serums and facial oils have different properties and Use: Oils moisturize and give the skin a protective film, serums penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, provide additional moisture and “repair”. In order to combine the advantages of both products in your care, you should use the Oil and Serum.

Out of fear of breakouts and clogged pores make a lot of men with oily skin steer clear of facial oils. But: If you skin admits fast fat a facial oil will be produced less sebum. So less spots will arise. Facial oil is not the cause, but often part of the solution in the case of skin impurities. (Also read: natural skin care: These products are good for skin, hair and the environment)

to creamy How to use the products optimally uses

lightweight, gel-like, thick liquid consistencies – in this sequence, one should apply care products. Only in this way all the products can be absorbed properly by the skin and have an effect. So your facial skin care routine should look like this:

  • Cleanse your face.
  • apply a Serum and leave it on for a few seconds to soak in. As sera very much, even a small amount.
  • time for the facial oil. A massage two to three drops of the product slowly into your skin.
  • to Carry, depending on the time of your day or night cream.
  • Use the sunscreen of their choice.
  • Our pick: When Applying your skin care, you should be between the individual products, always a few seconds, if possible, even minutes, pass. So all the products have sufficient time to collect and perform then the best possible way.

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