If there is still doubt: there is more than just toilet paper is enough. Globally, each year, millions of tons of production. The big players in the market have a turnover in the billions of runs, and the stock is almost inexhaustible.

Who are the major players?

In Belgium, there are two main players: Sofidel ((oh.a. Nalys, and Cosinel), and the Essity ((oh.a. Tork, Lotus, and speed). Sofidel, with a factory in Belgium, is an Italian company. Essity has a factory in Stembert, near Verviers, and More.

The major parts of the world include the American Procter & Gamble ((Charmin, particularly in the U.s. market for Kimberly-Clark ((oh.a. Scott and Cottonelle).

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How much toilet paper is being used?

According to the most recent annual report (as of 2018), produced Sofidel 1.3 million tons for the money, it’s good for a net profit of 1.7 billion euros. The larger Essity had a year with a production of a 4.4-million-ton is a tissue, and brought out the worldwide gross sales of 45,125 million.

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How is it possible, then, that the shelves in the supermarket and now it is constantly empty?

Because the toilet paper has a lot of place .”, says Roel Dekelver of Delhaize. “If ten customers each and every single deck you can take the strain, as well as the low.” All of the supermarket chains will continue to remind you that there was a lot of paper in their warehouses, and it is. The manufacturers too, for that matter. “We have moved on to a production of a one-hundred percent,” says Jean-François, De l’arbre by Sofidel. “In normal times we produce, but in ninety percent of the time.” This is because the toilet paper is economically almost not cost effective to transport. The product is too light and too big. The trucks often have to drive to high volumes of supply. That’s why there are so many plants everywhere.”

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is Going to the toilet become much more expensive due to the increase in demand?

in A hard economic law that says that a lot of demand for a product leads to higher prices. But this time, it will not happen, and ensures Roel Dekelver of Delhaize. “There is a clear commitment to the sector as a whole. During the crisis, is not a price increase due to the increase in demand. That would be definitely off-color it. By the way, who’s the toilet paper has gehamsterd, the next time a new reel to buy. It is, by definition, is a product with a longer duration between two acquisitions.”
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