the United States long enough suspicious to missile and nuclear ambitions of its ally, forcing in the end to sign the Seoul series of agreements binding the Republic of Korea (ROK) as part of the development that can be used to create more powerful types of missiles and nuclear weapons. In recent years, however, Washington gradually began to lift restrictions at least in the field of missile technology. On 28 July it became known about one more such step.

on the Eve of the second Deputy of the state security Department of the presidential administration of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Kim Hyun Jung said that the US and South Korea have agreed to amend the bilateral agreements that define the scope of rocket. According to them, the ROK had the opportunity to fully use of solid rocket fuel in its space program. “We now have the opportunity to create, develop and have the carriers not only with liquid but also with solid fuel, and hybrid systems,” said Kim.

the Corresponding step was the result of negotiations between the U.S. and South Korea, which lasted nine months and was initiated at the direction of the President of Kazakhstan moon Jae-In.

In Seoul did not hide his joy. It allows them a much freer feel in the space industry, they are actively developing. However, these technologies have quite tangible dual or military use.

As noted by the famous Russian military expert Vladimir Khrustalev, solid fuel compared to liquid has a number of practical and economic advantages. “In a situation with solid fuels is much easier and cheaper to have the storage of missiles, in which there is already fuel. Requires less supports the technology. In General, it appears more cheap and simple rocket with low-cost and short cycle prelaunch preparation,” the expert explained in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

This time, incidentally, actively discussing and South Korean media, which reported that the solid fuel on the aggregate cost of its creation and maintenance is ten times cheaper than liquid.

As a result, we are talking about reducing the cost of some types of missile launches, especially when it comes to launch military satellites. “As for the peace aspect of using this fuel, then again, it allows to reduce the cost and complexity of payload in a low orbit,” – said Vladimir Khrustalev, adding that the burden cannot be too large in this case.

Experts began to discuss another aspect, which Seoul did not emphasize, but it is obvious to all. According to Vladimir Khrustalev, “solid fuels have obvious advantages in the first place for military equipment or dual appointed��me.”

“Solid fuel allows you to create easily combat missiles of short, medium and long range with good speed and maneuvering characteristics to overcome missile defense systems. Also has the development of missiles for missile defense systems. In addition, launch vehicles with solid fuel allows you to quickly orbit standard satellites, if they, say, brought down the enemy or are they, for one reason or another ceased to function,” – said the expert.

according to South Korean media, the United States has upheld the restriction for South Korea that bans Seoul to build ballistic missiles with a range of over 800 km. But it was known that the allies continue to discuss the possibility of concessions here as well.

it is Worth considering that ballistic missiles allow you to carry much more heavy and powerful load in the form of warheads, which are not under the force of cruise missiles. The use of solid fuel makes it possible to make a qualitative leap in terms of creating new types of these missiles.

a Limit of 800 km allows South Korea to keep within reach of North Korea. If the United States will increase the allowed radius, it would mean that the target of a rocket in Kazakhstan will be a significant part of China’s territory and some regions of Russia.

In particular, some local experts believe that soon enough the US will cancel the “ceiling” and 800 km of the Us-China confrontation compels US to mobilize all of its allies to counter China. If South Korea will get missiles that can threaten large areas of China, it would mean changing the balance of power in favor of the United States. Seoul and Washington are linked by relations of military and political partnership. It is clear that South Korea is not eager to fight with Beijing, but so far, Seoul was forced to always listen to the insistent recommendations of the “senior ally”.