The Easter holidays are reached and I was more dragged badly from the last day of school. My colleagues and I are floored.

Finally: two weeks of rest after this turbulent period, in which we taught from one day to the other is purely digital, tasks, controls, discussions with parents and us in the virtual teachers ‘ room made have led.

Two weeks to enjoy through the good weather huffing and puffing …

…would be a big mistake.

a look back: The mess in the Corona-crisis

In the three weeks before the Easter holidays the schools are the closures on a number of different ways met.

  • Some – including we at our school were able to draw on already established systems, the teachers and children knew more or less well. So we have organized the lessons about Office 365, Google Classroom or Mebis.
  • Other schools put the responsibility in the hands of the teacher, and everyone worked to the best of our Knowledge. Such mixed systems have emerged: The children need to be in the best case, only one E-Mail Account and a working printer (!), in the worst case, but the school cloud for woman A, Google Classroom for Mrs B, a Dropbox Account for Mrs C, a Mail Account for Mrs D and Microsoft team for woman e. The children had to fight his way through the digital jungle and came clear with it or not.
  • to be connected To other letters, so that the boys and girls ever have any Chance with Material supplies were sent.
  • Other provinces have the same call a vacation because we could not go, to reach all the children.

After a this pattern has been procedure in the past three weeks. Until today. Jan-Martin Klinge

Jan-Martin Klinge is a teacher, father and Blogger. On FOCUS Online, he writes in a loose order with love the full view of what he experienced in school. About children’s issues, teacher issues, and a bit about what the education policy means in practice. Over the life. More of Jan-Martin Klinge you can find on his “half a day blog”.

looking ahead: What schools now must do

In the Coronavirus-the Podcast of the North German radio said the virologist Christian Drosten, that he was of a by the current wave of Infection out in the period from June to August, your Maximum reach will. It may be that we can also after the Easter holiday back in schools.

It would be at least apologize, if schools – despite a two-week Pause would improvise after the Easter holiday to the same extent as before. /Shuang Liu/FOCUS Online education report

Social prosperity, and a self-determined life – for this we need the highest standards of education – not only for the privileged layers. In the education report FOCUS shows Online, what are the challenges facing Germany. And introduces people, ideas, and projects that make our day-care centres, schools and universities better.

school principals and school boards need to put in the next few days (virtually) together and develop plans on how you can come to the Easter holidays away from the piece of work to a reasonable distance-learning, without losing sight of the social situations of the pupils of the eyes:

  • What schools have functioning systems and what you can learn from them? Keywords: networking
    (An indication of a successful System: The school has asked the parents during the three weeks in a transparent and public for feedback.)
  • Where are specifically used Smartphones, Tablets or laptops, so that children are not left behind from well-educated classes? Who can deliver uncomplicated? For example, can. the laptop the school car will be in need of “miss”?
  • As a single System in the school can be realized, so that students will not be served by each teacher on a different channel? Need to ladies and gentlemen for this now Fort?
  • If the schools should remain more weeks closed, then virtual hours need to be created plans to convey new content – you can’t repeat forever.
  • If the schools should remain up to the summer holidays, then concrete plans must be developed, such as the less-stressed teachers support the “at the Front”.

Huge tightrope

school boards a tremendous high-wire act is: you have to think not only in terms of content and in many scenarios plan – they are also partly responsible for the emotional balance of the Whole:

Many teachers work incredibly much and want to (and need to be estimated) value. The students have to be motivated on the removal at the same time with smart tasks and the real pressure of the compulsory recalls.

And, ultimately, The parents are not stupid and see if other schools make good work – you have to be involved in the communication.

If that succeeds, then Corona could change the school sustainably. And what that might look like, has Matthias Förtsch describe in detail. Only the Easter holidays, which will have to be cancelled this year for many school leaders. More of teachers Jan-Martin Klinge

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