Celebrities, and The family Kardashian has long been an inseparable and form a strong front to the outside world, but, nevertheless, there appear to be cracks in the bond between the siblings, Kim (39), and Kourtney (age 40). In realityprogramma of ” Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, there was a lot of bickering, but in the new season, reached and the conflict between the two of them have a highlight to them and to the bone. But why can’t any of the sisters to each other anymore?

since 2007, the share of the Kardashian-Jenners life’s joys and sorrows with televisiekijkend America, from the realityprogramma of ” Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. In a short period of time, the family was inclined to be a real phenomenon in the world of celebrity. From the very beginning, the members of the family, nothing is out of the way, and documented them in the past few years, a lot of personal stories-of-divorce from Kim after 72 days of marriage to make the transition from Caitlyn Jenner. In spite of the sometimes-uncomfortable situations, in which the Kardashians have to deal with, it continues to be a family together, through thick and thin, to support it.

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But in each and every house has its cross, at the home of the wealthy Kardashians. Especially, the 40-year-old Kourtney is a little while with just about all of her family members in the battle. “You’re welcome, is always negative and acts like a bitch”, knew the sister of Kim’s many times to say it. Kourtney explained several times that she was struggling with the lack of privacy, but they had no concept of rely on her close friends and family. “What do you mean, are you going to whine about protecting the privacy of all of us, so great has been made?”, early, Khloé is already finished.

In the fourth season, 17 have been shown that there is often bickering among the three sisters, the behavior of Kourtney. So she would have to have a new love, but there is nothing wrong about sharing it. Kim and Khloé decided then to go on and pursue their sister for a date, which of course they were caught. “I’m here for a meeting! Would you like to come in for a look! I’m not dating,” screamed at Kourtney. “We know that, because we don’t know anything about you,” took Khloé to turn off.

for example, If Kim thinks that she has the power to get me fired from the show, she’s been busy.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney is of the opinion that they don’t have to share it, and begged her sisters to keep her boundaries are respected, but there was a dispute. “It’s our job to do. We need to be open and honest and share our lives. If you are not in front of the camera to appear, to Khloé and I just help him out. And what is it that makes this show even if we are not on our private parts?” as Kim’s hair. “I want to, just don’t have anything on my love life, to share, and that’s about it”, held at Kourtney’s stubborn, full of. They blamed it on Kim, well, after that Kourtney many times I lazily did this to a high working standard to try to keep up. “That’s you, you’re dead, it works, it doesn’t mean that people have to live with it. If I can be a mother and to spend more time with my kids, and then there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Mother and manager, Kris Jenner, tried to grab it, and put three K’s together around the table, but it was at the danger had passed. Kourtney kept her position and decided not to share about her life than she did. “I do not know how we will continue to be able to go with you,” threatened Kim that he or she thought Kourtney out of the program. “When Kim thinks that she has the power to get me fired from the show, she’s insane,” said Kourtney, later, to the camera.

After the completion of the filming of the 17th season, pulled off Kourtney on vacation to take a break. She has decided to be present and to sign up for season 18 of the reality show and thought, ” that’s quiet wonders that would be carried out. Not to do so. In the first episode of last week’s premiere, escalated the latent conflict between the bloedzusters soon. Kourtney, made a lasting impression on her family and complained about everything. According to the fans of the program seemed to be, she is also jealous of the close relationship of Kim and Khloé. “For many years, I, and Khloé at Her. And for the last three years they are with me.” My attitude is a reflection of how they treat me”, he gave Kourt is increasing. “So, if you are able to gang up on Kim, was that ok?”, responded to a fan on Twitter. “Now you will feel what Kim is all of those years, so it felt like.”