Looks like presbyacusis this November, the President of the United States Donald trump came up with a new campaign trump card. Not fanning the scandal with a colleague, Angela Merkel, refused to go to the scheduled June summit of the “Big seven” in the US, and without resorting to antipandemic tricks, he decided to postpone the meeting of the G7 in September, inviting to participate and the leaders of Russia, South Korea, India and then Australia.

In fact, for a couple of years trump for moral support French counterpart Emmanuel Macron exaggerates the idea of the return of Vladimir Putin to the table “seven”. However, this initiative was not met with consensus support inside the closed world of the club, and the ocean looked at her very suspiciously. However, personally, for the tramp situation on the background of the million Americans affected by COVID-19, and swept the country a new wave of mass unemployment is that for re-election he needs to take a risk and do it big. And summit the powers that be in the extended format, the idea is not only to present the Minister President as a successful reformer of world politics, but also reflect a symbolic victory over the infectious plague of the XXI century. And the main Lavra suppressor coronavirus trump is credited, of course, yourself.

In other words, already at the peak of the campaign, he hopes to remove from the sleeve of a decisive trump card. Not a rabbit, and a lion colors of the American flag. But at the same time publicly to kick China, a source in the President’s opinion, of all the current problems, which, not being invited to the summit, it will appear as if in a special political isolation. Which should again confirm the correctness trompowsky strategic direction to the weakening of the main economic and political enemy.

But it is a reason Donald trump. And what about Russia? I must say that with 2014, when, according to savage observation of our Western partners, “seven out of eight”, leaving Russia as it would be on the world’s roadside, in Moscow repeatedly the most ostentatious manner showed his indifference to the lost status. The Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will declare that this form of communication has outlived its relevance and are best addressed and discussed global problems in the framework of the “Big twenty”. The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev emphasize that to return for this round table, Russia will be able to afford with the abolition of all imposed sanctions against it. But the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov will notice that participation in the “eight” for the Kremlin, not an end in itself. Besides, they say, and to discuss global issues without the participation of China and India is inefficient.

It is clear that the policy is delicate. And it should be only permanent interests ol�� ever-changing rhetoric. The more that trump gave the word, and tomorrow under pressure to take back what has been repeatedly observed. So, at least hurry with the consent of the Kremlin it would be extremely reckless. Moreover, even before the outbreak of coronavirus, it became clear that trump rejected the idea of arriving at the Victory parade in Moscow. So in this respect Russia don’t owe him anything. Not to mention folding in some sense allied relations with China, which would be disappointed if Mr Putin flew to Washington. And his refusal of China would be possible to get some kind of compensation.

So now in the Kremlin have something serious to think about. The main thing — to do in this game right bet.