“I had a world reputation in the field of textile and weaving-looms, and in a great area of expertise for screens in Aalst, belgium. Why do we have to go to China?”, tweette pointed out to them, and Guillaume Van der Stighelen. That is a reference to the carnival of Aalst, belgium is a touch with companies like, It, Pension, and many of the others is true that some of the world reputation quite definitely. So, yeah, basically, why not have a ‘made in Belgium’?

“that’s Easier said than done,” says the Fa Quix, head of the textielfederatie Fedustria. “We just don’t have any the production of medical, surgical masks, on an industrial scale in the us, and I think that there has never been the case. We are missing the know-how and expertise. And we are talking here of hundreds of thousands, even millions, of copies. This is a job for the industrial production required by the machines from the multi-million dollar programs. What kind of company it is, in the present context, are prepared to take that risk? And assuming that you have such a machine, and the raw materials used in the headline, you can tap, then it will take at least half a year before it is operational, and the surgical masks tested it and approved it. Because of the quality, it is known to be optimal, to the people that they do not carry any false sense of security.”

in the Meantime, comes into the world with the call to own surgical masks to produce ever-louder. According to the minister of the Economy, and Hilde Crevits (CD&V). there are even negotiations for the purchase of such a machine. In addition, the Walloon government have been strong since the end of may or beginning of June, along with a family-run business, out of Fleurus, and to start with an in-house production of surgical masks at a rate of 2.5 million per month. The machinery was purchased in Germany, is what it sounds like.

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