Who urged not to hope for a vaccine against COVID 19

Professor of global health, Imperial College London and CEO of the coronavirus to the who, David Nabarro announced that a vaccine against coronavirus infection can not invent. He noted that then people will have to adapt to the virus.

don’t bet on a vaccine that can protect us from COVID-19. Humanity will have to live with the threat of coronavirus in the foreseeable future and adapt accordingly, because there is no guarantee that the vaccine can be successfully developed — quoted scientist British newspaper the Guardian.

The publication notes that in an interview with another newspaper The Observer David Nabarro said that not all viruses on the planet, there are safe and effective vaccines. If it will not be able to develop, by the coronavirus will have to adapt constantly to observe certain safety rules.

Some viruses are very, very complicated when it comes to the development of vaccines, so in the foreseeable future we will need to find ways to deal with this virus as a constant threat. This means isolating those who show signs of the disease, and their contacts. The elderly must be protected. In addition, you have to learn how to do business in the hospital. This will become the new norm for all of us, — said David Nabarro, in an interview.

Earlier NEWS.ru wrote that the UK will begin to produce a vaccine against the coronavirus that has not passed clinical trials. It is noted that after the confirmation of the effectiveness of the vaccine, the doctors will start to use it.