What Pope Francis and the Rapper Tyler the Creator have in common? They both wear the same watch on the wrist. And a Casio MQ24-7B to buy on the Internet for about 15 euros. A Statement of the two.

Pope Francis is at pains since his departure, to bring a little more modesty in the Vatican. While his two predecessors, Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI put joints on high watchmaking art to your hand, is Fransziskus with a simple Casio satisfied.

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John Paul II wore during his term in office, a Rolex Datejust, Benedict XVI patriot showed with various models of the company Junghans in the black forest.


Francis is not the only celebrity who knows how to appreciate the simple Casio-model: the Rap Star Tyler, the Creator was last seen with this watch – it is the issue with a squeaky yellow dial, while Francis White on the simple Black-and-variation sets.

And not only the two prove with your watches, humility, George Clooney, Bill Gates and Ryan Gosling have Casio watches, with which they were already made public at all. A refreshing change to the Ultra-luxury models, which we will get to see otherwise, most of the time.

This article was written by Mathias Ottmann

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