Which fish fell last week in Russia

So, according to the Agency, in the far East last week by nearly 2.6% fell sockeye – 380 rubles per kilogram. 6 through April 12, this fish fell in opt 2.5%. Continued lower prices for cod and Pollock by 1.2% and 5.6% to 168 rubles and 102 rubles per kilogram, respectively. A week earlier, a decline of 1.7% and 3.6% respectively. “This is due to the influence of weak export and domestic demand, and growth stocks in the refrigerators of Primorye”, – consider in Agency. At the same time, prices for other types of frozen fish remained stable: for example, the cost of chum and pink salmon remained at the level of 190 rubles and 105 rubles per kilogram.

In the North-West during the same period decreased wholesale prices for haddock – 1.1%, to 173 rubles per kilogram (the same amount a week earlier). Also fell, cod 1.2%, to 245 rubles per kilogram. This contributed to the growth of supply from fishing on the background of unfavorable epidemiological situation on the markets, says the Agency.

Also the growth of supply from fishing companies led to the decline of wholesale prices for fish in the Central regions of Russia – in particular, Pollock they fell during the week by 3.1% to 123 rubles per kilogram. Lower prices on the other popular range of Russian fish was due to the instability of the wholesale and retail points of sale of fish. Thus, the cost of pink and chum salmon remained at the level of $ 135 and 215 rubles per kilogram.

At the same time, according to Rosstat, the average level of consumer prices for frozen fish whole round from 7 to 13 April rose by 0.2%. In the period from 31 March to 6 April, retail prices rose 0.1%.