to Sign up online for free testing for coronavirus by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is now possible with the help of three mobile apps to “SYSTEM.INFO” and “public Services of Moscow” were added the application “My Moscow”.

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method, which allows to detect the presence of virus in the body. Samples taken a swab from the nose and oropharynx. IFA (CLIA) (ELISA and immunochemiluminescence analysis) is a laboratory examination of the blood from the vein, which identifies an immune response to the virus.

“Free to be tested for coronavirus by polymerase chain reaction is now available for both adults and children on the base 207 of the Moscow clinics. 30 city offices you can also get ELISA test for antibodies to coronavirus infection. PCR and ELISA to identify the disease at different stages, so the combination of the two methods of testing allows you to get a clear picture of the morbidity of citizens”, — said the press service of the Complex of social development of Moscow.

to register for the examination with the help of this mobile application, users need to register or login. The service is located in the section “Medicine”. In the dialog box, click on the button “Start” and then “Appointment with the doctor”. Then, in the list of services you will need to select “DAB on COVID-19 (PCR)”.

the Data policy, please either enter in the “Settings” app at the top of the screen or in the dialog box. If you have a personal account on with your input, the additional information that are required, it will be loaded automatically.

in the same way you can schedule the test for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus, selecting from a list of specializations, “Blood (antibodies COVID -19)”.

a reminder of the visit to the doctor will be displayed in a widget on the main page of the application. The entry can be migrated or to cancel, in the section “Medicine” it is necessary to choose the tab “My record” and need to see a doctor.

How to donate plasma: application “My Moscow” there is a new function

“My Moscow” — the official mobile app of the portal that appeared in December 2018. Today it is possible to find sections such as “My home”, “Contact centre”, “Transport” and others. With the application Muscovites transmit meter readings, pay their utility bills. Also they are available in the most current publication in the updated news feed in the “news of the city.” Previously, the app has a new feature, which recovered from coronavirus citizens can help seriously ill patients cope with COVID-19 and to donate plasma and make an appointment to donate blood online accountin��B. you can Download the app in the App Store and Google Play. At the moment it was installed more than one million times.

to Sign up for PCR testing using the mobile app “SYSTEM.INFO”. There will need to enter the mandatory medical insurance number and date of birth, and then click on the button “Sign to the doctor”. Then in the opened list select “DAB on COVID-19 (PCR)”.

insurance should be registered in Moscow. If it has issued in other region of Russia, it is necessary to mark on medical insurance in the capital. In addition, you need to attach to the clinic, which participates in the compulsory health insurance system.

users of the app “SYSTEM.INFO” have access to their electronic medical records. They can study transcripts of examinations of doctors from 2017, the results of laboratory studies with 2019, the results of CT, MRI, fluoroscopy and other research tools from 2020, discharge from hospitals in 2019, and the details of the vaccination card of the child. Also in the section “medical Records” available the results of tests for coronavirus infection, made after 20 April.

Another way to register for the examination through the application “public Services of Moscow”. Go to “the doctor”, select your name and click on the tab “Appointment with the doctor”. After the open the list of specialties and medical services, you need to select “DAB on COVID-19 (PCR)”, and in the form, — free specialist. Similarly, the application can schedule the test for antibodies by selecting in the list “the Blood (antibodies COVID-19)”.

In the “Profile” section it is necessary to fill in the data of policy OMS. If this information has already been entered by the user in the dashboard on it will automatically appear in the application.

If you are attached to an urban clinic, sign up for the test on the For this you must first login or register and then choose “Services” section, subsection “Health” and “Record on reception to the doctor.” In the list of specializations to find a “Smear on COVID-19 (PCR)” (adult and children), and then choose a convenient date and time.

you can Sign up and via information kiosks in clinics. Citizens who have Moscow compulsory health insurance policy, but there is no attachment to the city hospital, can call to the point of delivery of the analysis the district of residence administrator will record the proceeding. To reschedule the appointment, call the clinic.

the point of delivery, the PCR test for coronavirus discovered in 162 adults and 45 children’s clinics. To see the whole list on the website of the Department of health of Moscow. For adult patients, they are open Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 17:00, Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 13:00. Items in the children’s polyclinics are open Monday to FriIan from 13:00 to 18:30, Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 14:30.

With a need to take a compulsory medical insurance policy and passport. At the entrance all measured the temperature, give overshoes, mask and gloves. Two hours prior to the procedure, it is better not to eat and to drink, and to refrain from Smoking. 30 minutes is not recommended, chew gum, suck candies, gargle, and use a spray and drops for the nose.

the Number of new cases of coronavirus have fallen by almost 14 per cent in two weeks

the Opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 the polymerase chain reaction has opened in Moscow on July 16. This was announced by Sergei Sobyanin.

the research Results will be available in the electronic medical record on the portal in the application “SYSTEM.INFO” within three days.