The IBGE Agenda was released today, showcasing the schedules for the week of June 10th to 16th. The document includes internal and external meetings, events, and commitments from various areas of the Institute, from the Presidency to the Directorates and Advisories of the IBGE, its State Superintendencies, and the National School of Statistical Sciences (ENCE).

The weekly agenda of the IBGE has been available every Monday since January at 9 am. You can check the complete schedule for the IBGE for this week on the informative channel Agenda IBGE.

The week at the Presidency begins with a meeting with the Directorate of Research (DPE) on the Family Budget Survey (POF) on Monday (10) at 2 pm. On Tuesday (11) at 9 am, the Presidential team participates in an internal management meeting of the General Coordination of Census Operations (CGOC). At the same time, representatives of the Presidency attend the Technical Committee of the 12th Agricultural Census.

**Directorates and Advisories:**
The Directorate of Research (DPE) team will be meeting with the system developers on Monday (10) at 7 am. The 8th Conference on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics will also take place on the same day. Throughout the week, the Directorate of Geosciences (DGC) team will participate in internal meetings on technical training workshops for hydrography acquisition.

Representatives from the State Superintendency of Alagoas (SES/AL) will participate in a course on COP30 and Agenda 2030 on Monday (10) at 10 am. In the State Superintendency of Mato Grosso do Sul (SES/MS), a field activity of the Geography course will be held at the same time. On Tuesday (11) at 9 am, a seminar on “CENSUS2022, results from the municipality of Guajará Mirim” will be held at the Guajará Mirim Commercial Association auditorium in the State Superintendency of Rondônia (SES/RO).

**Additional Insights:**
In addition to the detailed agenda, it is important to note the significance of the various meetings and events scheduled by the IBGE. These activities play a crucial role in the planning and execution of statistical research and data collection processes. They also highlight the commitment of the Institute to provide accurate and reliable information for a wide range of sectors and stakeholders.

The engagement of different departments within the IBGE, such as the Presidency, Directorates, Advisories, and State Superintendencies, showcases a collaborative effort to ensure the success of various projects and initiatives. The training sessions, conferences, and workshops organized by the Institute demonstrate a continuous dedication to capacity building and knowledge sharing within the organization.

Moreover, the involvement of external partners, universities, and international organizations in the events organized by the IBGE reflects a broader commitment to enhancing statistical research, data analysis, and information dissemination on a national and global scale. By participating in these activities, the IBGE strengthens its position as a leading institution in the field of statistics and data science, contributing to evidence-based decision-making and policy development.

Overall, the IBGE Agenda for the week of June 10th to 16th provides a comprehensive overview of the Institute’s upcoming activities and engagements. It underscores the importance of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange in achieving the objectives of the Institute and fulfilling its mandate to provide reliable statistical information for Brazil and beyond.