The text we are writing with four hands, a businessman and former official Anton Kolesnikov and employee of a travel company Irina Uibo. We’ve never seen each other, but were in the same situation when the Russian border was closed because of a pandemic, and thousands of citizens were forced to remain abroad. Each of us behind our own history, and the history of hundreds of Russians who have written and continue to write in telegram-view channels, bringing together tourists. As the Creator and administrator of telegram channel and chat via the financial assistance we are all these months helped the Russians to Wade through bureaucracy to get the put government financial assistance and return home. I have to say, the battle with bureaucracy we lost. A question to the state remains.On 30 June, the action ceased, the Russian Federation government decree №433 “On approval of Regulations on provision of social support (assistance) to the Russian citizens in the territory of a foreign state and not having the opportunity to return to the Russian Federation in connection with the spread of the new coronavirus infection” (ППРФ433). While abroad there are still thousands of Russians, and when they will be able to get home is unknown. Many of them have no money left. During operation of the mechanism help managed to get not all.We did not understand the principle of assistance. On paper it was supposed to all stranded travelers who had tickets to Russia to date from March 16 to may 31. Aid was to accrue as of the date unused due to the closure of a return ticket to return to Russia. But with the completed questionnaires on public services was going on the hell. How to fill out the forms, no one explained. A way to repair the error appeared, but later. Someone got help, and someone went on the second and third circle of hell. Hundreds of Russians system began to fail in the identification of domestic and foreign passports. That is when they went abroad, a passport was valid. But verify the statements of the interior Ministry the documents did not confirm. Somewhere in the transfer of profiles from one Department to another there is confusion. And again the problems I had to solve manually, and those whose duties it was not, they just cared. With many of us constantly was in communication with people from the foreign Ministry and the Ministry of communications, day and night trying to help. But of course, manual mode can not solve all problems. The system must operate.It was agreed that the assistance will not accrue from the date of the expired ticket, and the date of consideration of the application by the Commission of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. And then a cruel joke with the tourists played attempts again and again to correct the questionnaire. The first version was filled in early April, but the Commission never came. The latest version many were filled in to��of nce may. Did not have time to deal with this problem, as it turned out that the government decided to complete the payment. Who did not, that was late though and not their fault. In the end, the travelers are divided into those who received assistance in the full amount and those who received just a few days of your stay abroad or not received at all. The situation has reached the point of absurdity, mother and daughter in the same situation to fill the questionnaire: one was the payment, the other does not. It turned out that to put the government — like winning a lottery ticket. The odds are the same.”The icing on the cake” was the distribution on June 12, Russia Day, many applicants instead of congratulations came “letters of happiness” on the termination of financial assistance, which actually means the refusal to pay. A similar mailing was made on July 21.In the personal offices of the applicants hanging formal refusal to provide material assistance. To fix the problem, no one is going, especially to make any official statements. Interesting position of the accounting chamber, which by results of check will see the payout to the claimant, with a negative opinion.Then — even more interesting. From 4 July the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation through public Services requires a few thousand Russians, who flew home to return the surplus listed them money. Appropriate messages sent to personal accounts of citizens on the portal and on their email. No one has written to the applicants who received the letter about the overpayment, nor correct calculation of the amount of payments or method of calculation and the procedure for calculation or procedure for challenging the amount. Many require amounts that they never even received. And some of those who really should return the money to the state, return notification came up.Talking for a long time at the telegram-chats with people stuck abroad, recognize that there are those who have tried to use the resolution of the government on assistance fraudulently forging a return ticket. There were those who were not notified of your return to Russia. In this part of the tourists used released ППРФ433 for assistance, not even planning to come back. But there was the reverse situation: people wrote in all instances, filled out all the required fields to request a return, but the money continued to go. Is it not working fine the system, and blame the “little guy”. The answers that came from the presidential administration, government office or Prosecutor’s office on the appeal of the claimants in connection with the failure to provide material assistance, just frightened by your indifference and bureaucracy. Rather than deal with a plea for help of citizens, the standard answer was to divert the question back to the foreign Ministry, even if this issue was outside the competence of the Agency. Separate andistory — export flights. For many, including for me (Irina), was a shock that I had to pay for the ticket, despite the Agreement of the working group on export routes, which envisaged that citizens of the Russian Federation with a return ticket on a Russian airline, will be disposed in the unused ticket. I was completely calm, though there will not have to resolve a financial issue. I had paid the ticket on a Russian airline “Pobeda”, and her support has confirmed in writing that everything is fine. But it turned out that Aeroflot had not received money from “Victory” by netting, and it turned out to be me. Me money no one returned. Correspondence with the Ministry of transport and the airlines has turned into theater of the absurd.Hurrying and wanting to help in emergency, the government ultimately has exacerbated the situation: not creating a normal assistance criteria, transparent system of distribution of funds it has been entrusted to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation processing of a large array of personal data and the allocation of funds, it has never worked. There is no doubt that the majority of tourists, even in these difficult conditions, the aid was received and had been taken to Russia. But there were also those who had, although she was entitled to, as well as those who are still abroad waiting to export flight, deprived of benefits after the expiration of ППРФ433. Our image is good, but they must be brought to an end, including through dialogue with their fellow citizens who render assistance. You need not to quit and fight to the end, releasing a sequel ППРФ433, taking into account the error correction, especially people who supported the petition with this idea, enough.Anton Kolesnikov — the Creator of telegram-channel “financial aid ППРФ433″Irina Uibo administrator telegram-channel “financial aid ППРФ433”