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the Fishermen in the north are experiencing a fantastic fishing for the time, including outside Sørøya in Vest-Finnmark. By the quay in Breivikbotn is sjarkene in line to deliver cod.

the Fishermen will not get into at the facility, and the usual paperwork during delivery have been replaced with SMS – everything that any viruses do not get spread.

But koronapandemien has created far bigger problems than that:

– It is worse with the market situation. Europe comes to a halt because of koronaviruset. It is not good now, ” says Roy Mienna, chairman of the Nergård Sørøya AS.

62 percent decrease

Sjarkene of the south island deliver cod almost straight from the sea, but the very best raw material is unusually low in the course:

Summary from the Norwegian sjømatråd earlier this week show that exports of fresh cod fell by 62 per cent in three weeks.

Restaurantmarkedet is almost completely gone.

Roy Mienna at Nergård Sørøya fear the aftermath after the collapse of the market for fresh fish.


When fewer will have the fish fresh, much of the catch in the place hung out to dry or saltes, says Mienna. He fears that the real consequences are visible a little later:

– Many manufacturers hang and salts the fish, and the fish will be out on the market as it begins to calm themselves. What kind of rates do you get then, when all has produced the same?

Mienna looks with concern on their own stock of salted fish, not least with thought on that storkunden in Portugal also reported permitteringer.

– We have not seen the top on this yet.

Unlucky time

– I think it is a pity, now when the fishing is so good. It has been pretty miserable earlier in the winter. Now came finally good weather, there is a lot of fishing, and so is the market down, ” says Mienna.

Øyvind Nilsen has managed to deliver most of the annual quota before the market was bad.


Fish Øivind Nilsen from Alta must find themselves in to get paid less than in the past.

– yesterday, we got the other message about that the prices went a bit down, with two crowns on kiloen. For those who come with a full boat, is it the many money.

– Now it’s the way that you get a lot of fish on a trip and dagsatsen is good. But when you have a limited quota, you will notice it at the end of the season.

Nilsen has taken most of the quota, but is more concerned about those who barely have begun.

Faded crown a certain comfort

The weak exchange rate contributes to the fact that eksportinntektene not fall as much as the reduced quantity would indicate.

Compared with march of last year, it is actually a small increase. But much is due to the increase of farmed salmon and mackerel, to of little help for torskefiskerne in the north.

For them has kronefallet also a downside.

– Should you invest, is it expensive, says Nilsen.

This week, the fishermen know that the torskeprisen went down to two million per kilogram.

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