the specifics of the call in a pandemic: medical attack exacerbates the epidemic of the information. Started rumors about the “cancel the call”. In the air of popular radio stations, a proposal was made to abandon the appeal on the grounds that Moscow has “not worth a German division.” But, first, the profession to protect the Homeland have not lost their relevance and no reason to believe that this will happen in the foreseeable future. Recently the US strategic bombers B-1 Lancer dropping bombs in Estonia. “Lancers” came from the USA, having worked on range of Tapa, which is 100 km from the border of Leningrad region. Look at the map: where America is, where’s Estonia? We don’t bomb polygons neighboring countries, the United States.

Yes, and the German division don’t actually stand at Moscow. It’s true. And is unlikely to try: they have bitter experience. And we have an army. And so be it.

second, don’t confuse conscription with the mobilization of reservists for the war. There is a rotation of the current recruits will replace the children designed in the spring of 2019. Who have served and are waiting for dismissal.

How will call? The military provided a test system for the detection of infected with a coronavirus. All the guys before shipping ensure medical masks, in a way they will accompany the doctors. Upon arrival in the unit for two weeks isolated. However, the quarantine in the army practiced before: even when nobody knew such word as COVID-19.

How are things in parts, which will soon have new recruits in the materials browser “RG”.

the Decision to postpone the beginning of work of the draft commissions was made after the President of the Russian Federation announced in may a new days. Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, a huge array of preparatory work for the appeal had to be performed remotely and without the participation of young people. Information about their biographies, health, education, basic military training, other relevant information, the employees of military enlistment offices from April 1 to collect, clarify and sistematizirovat via the Internet and phone calls to recruits.

to carry out all required procedures, including the medical examination, without the participation of young people is impossible. To decide who and where to send serve no meetings with recruits members of draft boards, too. But to minimize personal contacts all shifted closer to the summer.

the defense Ministry has taken unprecedented security measures. They need to prevent a military operation in infected recruits. The military has delivered $ 2 million medical masks, half a million contactless thermometers, 12 tons of disinfectants and 270 thousand of test systems to check the health of the recruits. No exceptions.

Continuous testing is carried out in the Armed forces. Moreover, the data about the epidemiological situation in the Russian army, no one in the defense Ministry does not hide – they publish daily with a special Bulletin on the website of the military Department.

as of the evening of may 11 the number of infected COVID-19 in the army, organizations and educational institutions of the defense Ministry has reached 3357 people. 373 soldier, warrant officer and officer treated in hospitals, 622 are in custody at the place of service. Two dozen are in civilian clinics and hospitals, and 674 soldiers isolated at home.

they are All under the constant supervision of military physicians. Three cases are in critical condition, 13 were moderate in others the disease has no symptoms. Since March, the troops recovered 411. After a two-week quarantine and the second negative test, the doctors took control of 2286 military personnel.

Positive test COVID-19 was and 399 people from civil personnel of the Armed forces. Now they pass treatment in hospitals and clinics or are under medical observation at home.

the personnel of Regardie, including soldiers at the call, now in the epicenter of events. Resguardar conduct interviews with citizens on the streets, guarding the infectious diseases hospital. Under their protection for over million apartments and houses of citizens. “We continue to pursue the protection of important state objects, we have 72, – reported to the President during a working meeting the Director of Regardie Viktor Zolotov. – Including sites in the Arctic, in the ports of the Northern sea route, in particular floating nuclear power plant in Pevek. More than 20 asguardian perform daily tasks of regime-restrictive measures. Without disruption”.

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of labor, in Regardie women who have children up to 14 years and persons over 60 years of age sent to the isolation. But when the scale of the tasks to avoid infection impossible.

As have informed “RG” the official representative of the Federal service of national guard troops Valery Gribakin, among the troops recorded 339 cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection. But severe, especially fatal cases, no. 35 people have already recovered and removed from control on the basis of two negative results of tests for COVID-19. Only inpatient treatment is directed 103 people, including 41 medical organizations, 62 were hospitalized in departmental medical institutions, the other on self-isolation and home care.

to reduce personal contacts military personnel and employees in the Department active use of the remote method. So, meetings are held only in the mode of video conferencing. Where possible, the personnel delivered to the places of service of departmental vehicles.

Besides, there are so called��necesary barrier event. It is a daily contactless thermometry all personnel upon arrival at the service and during the working day for medical reasons, including before going to the service for the protection of public order and military outfits, the provision of means of individual protection, regular disinfection processing in locations, and arriving vehicles. And yet – nonspecific prophylaxis antiviral drugs, stimulating the production of endogenous interferon.

As a special note, in Regardie ready to respond in either scenario the development of the situation.

the Power of the security services that they know everything about us and we about them almost nothing. Let it remain. But the number of things visible to the naked eye.

the Mausoleum of Lenin at the time of a pandemic closed. But on the main guard post of Russia – at the Eternal flame at the Kremlin wall – soldiers of the Presidential regiment take up, and are replaced normally. Except without the crowds of onlookers.

the Eternal flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Alexander garden on fire. In General, the Kremlin, the way it’s supposed to be: full of flowers – planted 60 thousand viol flourished 120 thousand tulips. Tourists for obvious reason, no, what a spectacular show not carried out. Speech first of all about the popular ceremony of divorce walking and horse guards at the Cathedral square of the Moscow Kremlin, which became one of the official business cards of the capital. She usually draws crowds of spectators from April to October. This year’s colorful show will resume after Moscow cancelled a mode of self-isolation.

Hiking the guard on Cathedral square is traditionally for three-quarters of conscripts: 36 soldiers represent the three tens regions of Russia. By the way, at the last festival “Spasskaya tower” from the Presidential regiment on red square were 67 soldiers, 13 of them are under contract, all the rest – conscripts.

the Timing of the “Spasskaya tower-2020” until the former: discovery on August 28. Preparations for military music festival is in normal mode. Staff – sounds mundane, but in reality in companies of a special honor at guys 6-8 hours daily of activities: marching and physical. There are fire training, but slightly less than in other divisions. Prepared, of course, not specifically for the festival: they serve all 12 months.

an Interesting detail: on the page of the Presidential regiment VK conscripts who served in different years, discussing… No, not a coronavirus. How to get to the jubilee next year at the Kremlin. The regiment in April 2021 will turn 85 years old.

This is their most worried about.

Agree, in a period of General despondency at the Kremlin can learn optimism.

How to get home dismissed from compulsory servicethe soldiers would be talking about those who served thousands of miles away from home.

– By order of the Minister of defense in advance they will buy the tickets home. Each “muster” before sending from the part will provide medical masks and hand sanitizer. To the train and bus station and airport fired deliver departmental transport, passing sanitation. And when former soldiers gather in a military Commissariat for statement on military accounting, they will announce the day and time that does not coincide with visits to the Commissariat recruits spring 2020.

Regardie do not see a problem: most of the soldiers at the call to serve in the region.

Can you send the son into the army a shipment of masks, disinfectants? Suddenly their was not enough?

Is superfluous. The army, as well as other law enforcement agencies, in full of the secured objects of the protection, personal hygiene and disinfectants. And wash your hands in the army relies not only during outbreaks.

My son is close to home. Is it possible to get a digital pass and visit him?

– No need to travel: the essence of isolation is to allow as little contact with. And with family too. In addition, no digital badges with the wording “for trips to visit”.

Frightening economic situation, I wanted to return to the army on contract. Is this possible?

– Pandemic does not change, and only makes adjustments to the existing procedure of recruitment. If your region conditions allow to collect the necessary documents, please contact the recruiting office. Just remember that each of the power structure, their needs and requirements. In the structure of the Federal security service have their own specifics, for example, in the Presidential regiment contract only take from soldiers who have served in the regiment. The enlisted serviceman after six months of service could write a report. If the command deems it worthy, then it is tested, and tougher than when I was a recruit. If all goes well, then it will conclude the first contract for three years.

Dutch submarine returned from combat duty because of the epidemic on Board the US Navy aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” contracted 955 crew members. And how are our fleets?

– In the Russian Navy, according to the defense Ministry who contracted the coronavirus there. Anyway, about the infection of some of the members of the crews of warships and support vessels, the Agency announced. On long hikes our sailors still go and combat missions on the sea polygons still work.

If the recruit wrote a statement on alternative civil service (AGS), and now scared that I could send to 21 months, nurse/work in the infectious hospital, – you can still change your mind?

– According to the law to get on AGS, it is necessary to apply at least six months to appeal. That is, the current “alternatives” had to do it last fall. In addition, each makes a choice in accordance with their beliefs. And beliefs if they are sincere – it is unlikely can be adjusted depending on the epidemiological situation. In addition, AGS is not just hospitals. Can guide to be a postman, driver, cook, tutor, etc. the Region can not be selected.

To recruits and their parents in a pandemic less worried about each other, in the Psychological service of the Armed forces advised them during a telephone communication to tell it like it is. After all, native people just feels false, even if it came with good intentions. The recruit will calm the father and mother, if I say, that the young soldier several times a day to check temperature, forced to wash hands constantly and strongly isolated from already served as soldiers. And the fighter will surely be easier by the realization that parents are not afraid for him, because I know that in the army his health in control is probably even tougher than it would be done at home. And doctors are always at hand.