And how he was grateful to The Beatles for two songs Long Tall Sally ” and ” Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, who helped Liverpool Quartet break out into a new world star! And then Paul McCartney and John Lennon – in his own solo careers.

Richard Penniman was born in a large family. It seems it was impossible not to become a musician: two uncles and grandfather were priests, her father was a smuggler whiskey, 11 brothers and sisters, each of whom loved to sing and tried to outdo the other. Fun and variegated family. Of course, the guy gave up singing in the Church choir, where he intuitively learned the notes and music reading and writing, and along the way noticed and piano. Started to play it. Yet the Blues. Of course, mom and dad (the daughter of a priest) didn’t like it.

And in 13 years, Richard ran away from home. Soon it sheltered and adopted by a white family. Recall that Richard was black, but the white couple, Ann and John Johnson took him as his son. Rare for the time.

Soon he began writing his first songs, yet hard Blues and ballads. And being very young and learned to play not only the piano but also the saxophone. Before he debuted and, therefore, took the alias little Richard. Went to different cities, sent a soundtrack for all sorts of studios (since the technique falling into the star, however, has not changed).

Finally, he was lucky again – now he liked one of the record companies with sharp, high voice, playfully rolling on the falsetto. Besides, he knew how to knock out your piano is brisk and explosive tunes… Worn around the tool, managing to hold onto it with your fingers, strumming melody, sing and shout into the microphone. You might think, who have learned their musical expression and artistry of Elton John in the 70s? Yes, that little Richard, who started first to play the piano, throwing a leg on the cover. Anyway, combining rock-n-roll with elements of the circus.

you Can argue about who made the biggest contribution to the development of rock-n-roll. Music is not a sport, not exactly calculate. But only the songs of little Richard sang almost all the stars of this music in the 50’s-60: Jerry Lee Lewis, gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, The Animals, then The Beatles, Kinks and The Rolling Stones. Think only Chuck berry resist the temptation.

Yes, it was a dashing, cocky, hairy rock-and-roll. Fast, with a raw sound and a restless daring! Not want, and sing and dance. And another song from the repertoire of little Richard Good Golly Miss Molly (though not written by him) has famously sang and Credence Clearwater Revival.

While little Richard sometimes went out of the music, began to serve in the temple, then back again. And then, enticed by the fame and money, again switched to Church music, directed the choir for several years, had forgotten about the rock-n-roll and piano.

In 1985, he got in a terrible car accident, was Priko��an to the bed and all the 80s have only released three albums (one a compilation), but in 90-e drives went for 20 (though 12 of them – a compilation of hits and live albums)!

That little Richard was one of the first accepted into the Hall of Fame rock-n-roll. In 1993 he received a Grammy award. Then she acted in movies, recorded a few duets with new stars (of course, asked about it and Elton John). When I was still in Church, took communion, preached and married. Was a priest at weddings of Bruce Springsteen and Bruce Willis.

His last lifetime record dates back to 2010 – the artist-priest sang the track for the tribute album, a gospel singer Dottie Rambo. Little Richard lived by that time in Nashville, where in 2009 she underwent surgery for a hip replacement. Since could be just sitting at the piano.

In 2012, he had asked if he wanted to go back to the concerts.

“Ah,” said little Richard, I’m sorry that I can’t do it now as I’d like!

And when the audience began shouting words of encouragement and began to portray corporate overtones and squeals of the artist during a performance of his classic hits, he just smiled sadly:

Oh, a little more and you still make me scream like a white girl!

But no new songs since then has written and sang, alas.