the Former President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev sentenced to 11 years and two months of imprisonment with confiscation of property. The verdict on the case concerning the release of criminal authority Aziz batukaeva. The court found the state guilty under article 319 “Corruption” of the criminal code of Kyrgyzstan for the fact that he as the head of state ordered to release batukaeva. Atambayev refused to speak with the last word.

kingpin Aziz Batukaev was sentenced in Kyrgyzstan for 16 years, but in 2013, he was released “in connection with a serious illness”. Doctors diagnosed him with acute leukemia. Now he’s serving time in Chechnya for weapons possession. In the case of exemption batukaeva are also former officials who worked with Atambaeva: former Prosecutor General Aida Salyanova, the then Deputy Prime Minister Shamil Atakhanov, the former Minister of health Dinara Saginbaeva and an employee of the Department of judicial reform of the President’s office Indira Joldubaeva. Also accused in the case are the doctors and technicians that put the credibility of the diagnosis. Only 19 people.

Atambayev was detained August 7, 2019 during the storming of his residence by the security forces. The ex-President’s supporters resisted, killing one special forces officer died, 109 people were taken to hospitals. In addition to business batukaeva, the ex-President is charged with preparing a violent regime change in the country. He’s facing a number of charges related to the transfer of the ownership of the building and modernization of the Bishkek TPP. The trial of Atambayev began on 15 November 2019 and has passed in the closed mode.

Sentence Atambayev specially for “MK” commented the head of the Department of Central Asia and Kazakhstan of Institute of the CIS Andrey Grozin.

– it is possible that the term “otsidki” for the ex-President still increase. – said the expert. – Because there are still “tails” about who was killed in August last year during a storming of his residence strongman. He Atambayev said that the gun was only him and only he fired at the attackers. That is, if you wish, it can even add time. But they can be limited to that which he has already received. He was convicted of corruption.

a Significant part of his inner circle already sitting on articles related to corruption. As the same former Prime Minister Sapar Isakov. Or getting ready to sit down. The same applies to other close to European Union people. Society requires the authorities to fight corruption. Here, the government demonstrates its struggle.

– what are the charges in preparation for the violent change of power?

Is what was in August last year. Proceedings under this article is in the cases of victims of the security forces. According to the official version, they had only to provide his drive. And it all ended a two-day beatingthe future.

Then there were attempts to destabilize the situation in Bishkek. A week and a half in August last year, has not yet resolved the crisis, the country teetered on the brink of a repeat of what happened in March 2005 or April 2010. For sitting presidents all ended very badly.

Jeenbekov last year survived. I think I’ll stand in this. Although Kyrgyzstan is a country that can expect anything. In addition, if the pandemic will not make adjustments, in October parliamentary elections should be held. In Kyrgyzstan, they are always very quick, sometimes brutal. So nothing can be excluded.

it is Possible that planting Atambayev will be used for different political forces to their advantage. On the wave of popular unrest to enter the Parliament. Closer to October we will probably be able to observe the unfolding of a new crisis. But the government is demonstrating stability. President Sooronbai Jeenbekov with all its disadvantages, the main of which is the weak charisma, while keeping the situation under control. Although attempts were made to topple him. The same Atambayev, who all 2018 to August 2019 tried to raise a wave to organize something like 2005 or 2010. Internal unrest in Kyrgyzstan was on the rise, and storm the residence was the final stage in the wave of instability.

– Why the power of such a harsh sentence?

– Many people say that this solution is not too sophisticated. It sets a precedent that the former President sits down with ease for 11 years. Moreover, the evidence of the prosecution does not give confidence that it is not political persecution.