What not to miss on TV and online in the week from 30 March to 5 April

It’s hard to be First?

April 1 – the birthday of the First channel, and this is no joke. A film about the 25th anniversary of the First channel “25 years later” – talk about key events in his life, about the people who create it, and programs without which it is impossible to imagine. About the most important moments in the frame and over a quarter of a century the film tells Konstantin Ernst, Alexander Maslyakov, Maxim Galkin, Dmitry Dibrov, Alexey Pimanov, Elena Malysheva, Arina Sharapova, Leonid Yakubovich, Alexander Gordon, Julia Menshova Yuliya Baranovskaya, Aleksandr Vasilyev, Dmitry Borisov and many others – the leadership, presenters, Directors, cameramen.

the First channel, April 4, 10:15

When stars read

Following the “Open Museum” of the channel “Russia” starts another project, the need for which was prompted by the situation with viral pandemic. The new project “Big Small” is designed for children and parents. It can be seen in the air since Monday 30 March, every day on weekdays. Wonderful artists and artists will read poetry and prose of Russian and foreign writers. Among the authors of the classics of children’s literature Kornei Chukovsky, Gianni Rodari, Samuel Marshak, Daniil Kharms, as well as contemporary writers. Already invented 20 such releases. And in order that they quickly went on the air, chosen for them by a special form: readers themselves will write their statements on a mobile phone. For example, Igor Kostolevsky reading a tale by Korney Chukovsky “Moidodyr”; Ildar Abdrazakov is an excerpt from the story by Gianni Rodari “Gelsomino in the country of liars”; Svetlana Zakharova – the story of Nikolai Nosov “Alive hat”; Yevgeny with his daughter Vasilisa read poetry of Vera Polozkova: “the Main guest”, “secret life of toys” and “Teeth.” All editions can be found also on the website and social networks of the channel “Russia”.

“Russia K”, from March 30

a well-Known blogger has become a leading “eagle and Tails”

“Friday!” will start a “Crazy weekend” – a new season of “heads and Tails”. It will be a crazy season of travel show: extremalhaunted attractions, insanely expensive city, tradition, transportation, food and, of course, spending. We hope that the audience in today’s situation it will not be annoying. Leading the new season became bloggers Julia Kowal and Jan Gordienko, known online under the pseudonym Yango. Recently Ian was able to interview in Paris with will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and discuss their work on the film “Bad boys 3”. In the new season of “heads and Tails” Ian, along with his co-host Julia will try to imagine something that previously could not or was afraid to do previous seasons leading travel show: jump from the highest tower in the world, loop the loop in a fighter plane and more. “This tour will not be offered any one tour operator! “Heads and Tails” – a school of life, hard life, where you re-learn everything, including discipline. I even have developed punctuality! I can only imagine what kind of person I’m on the last day of filming of the first season. This is exactly the best thing that ever happened to me!” says Yan Gordienko.

“Friday!”, March 30, 19:00

“American Princess” Whitney Houston

the Documentary film “the Story of Whitney Houston” (Whitney: Can I Be Me) – on the First channel. Picture production UK-USA will tell you about one of the greatest singers. Whitney Houston was a true epitome of superstars, “American Princess” and one of the most renowned artists. Despite earned millions of hits, led the charts more weeks than the Beatles ‘ lyrics, and the voice recognized by experts to be the strongest in the genre of soul music, Houston was not able to cope with their own passions and died of a drug overdose. She was only 48. The picture contains exclusive materials, including the revelations of the relatives of the performer.

the First channel, April 3, 00:15

Hope on the ferry

Serial-melodrama “Paramsize” – the premiere of the channel “Russia 1”. The family Titov – Nadia, Lev, and their son, Kostya moved from Moscow to his home town of Izluchinsk to start a new life. A prestigious job, luxury new house – it has everything the best way. However, the rainbow plans were not fated to come true. Titova immediately find yourself in the middle of a small town. Night on the ferry the ferryman killed. And his murder-accused-Nadia. After leaving prison she understands that there is no old life she no longer has. Everyone in town, including her own son hate her. The husband has a new family. And the only job now Nadia can offer is to become paramsize on the same ship, which broke her life, destroyed the family and robbed of the most precious – his son. Now Nadia is determined to prove his innocence, find out who set her up and get her son back. Director: Maksim Demchenko. Starring: Glafira Tarhanova, Alexander Ratnikov, Andrey Frolov, Andrey Barilo, Alexander Pashutin and others.

“Russia 1”, March 30, 21:00

“dancing with the stars” returns

After a four-year hiatus on the floor in the show “dancing with the stars” are stars of television, stage, theatre and cinema. Celebrity participants of the new season, Maria Poroshina, Andrei Sokolov, Alena Babenko, Andrey Chernyshev, Ivan stebunov, Artyom Tkachenko, Peer Novels, Yekaterina Varnava, Maria Elena Ivanova and Volatile. They accept the challenge and learn to dance ballroom dancing with professional dancers, including Evgeny papunaishvili, Denis Tagintsev, Ekaterina Osipova, Inna Svechnikova, and others. The show also will be attended by: Daria Zlatopolskaya, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Yegor Druzhinin, Igor Rudnik. Advanced dance program, the display 360 degrees and multimedia Studio – live.

“Russia 1”, 5 April, 18:00

Theater and TV Yulia Menshovoj

Yuliya Menshova was born in the family of stars of the Soviet cinema and theatre – Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova. So from childhood, she had to prove that she is worth something. And today it is difficult to find a person who would not know her, and as the leading actress. Julia Menshov – guest Tatiana Ustinova in the “My hero.” Julia remembers that her childhood, in General, little different from the childhood of her peers. And the fact that her parents are very famous and favorite artists, the school is not discussed. She, like other children, studied, went Hiking, fell in love, read books. And when it came time to choose future profession, Menchov already knew what he wanted. Why Vladimir Menshov was opposed to the daughter in the 17 years he entered the Literary Institute? What she felt when after graduation of the Moscow art theatre Oleg Efremov took her to Moscow art theatre? Why she left the theater and came to the TV? All this and much more in the program.

“TV Center” on March 30, 13:40.

East story – on screen and in life.

the Premiere of the documentary “the Actor’s fate. East – a delicate matter” – on the channel “TV Center”. Natalia Arinbasarova, Talgat Nigmatulin, Matlyuba Alimova, Rustam Sagdullaev… Big Soviet screen rarely indulged these actors main roles. Asian appearance imposed limits. In Asia, they also, sometimes, I become strangers in their own land, and their attempts to find themselves sometimes ended tragically. But one day, giving them a chance to Shine, fate has made these two favorites of millions of viewers. Like Andron Konchalovsky stole a young wife and the lead actress in his debut movie? Why did it happen that the champion of Uzbekistan in karate were killed, not trying to resist the killers? How Matlyuba Alimova conquered fear? Why Romeo from Tashkent was once banned in the homeland? As was the fate of Soviet movie stars from the East? The film also involved: Yegor Konchalovsky, Ekaterina Dvigubskaya, Ivar Kalnynsh, Natalia Gvozdikova, Natalia Horohorina, Elena Tsyplakova, Nikas Safronov, said Nigmatulin.

“TV Center”, April 2, 23.05

Georgy Danelia: a year has passed…

April 4 – the anniversary of the death of George Danelia. On this day, on the TV channel “Russia” – a documentary tape “the country of the heart” and the film “the Path to the dock.” In the documentary the Creator of the nationally popular bands, classic Russianon film, with his characteristic humor and self-irony tells about himself, his paintings, the characters, the assistants that the audience usually remains behind the scenes. Story accompany and complement fragments of films of masters and photos from the rich personal archives. Aired – APR 4 at 18:40. In the drama Danelia on the novel of Victor Kopecky “path to the pier” starred Boris Andreyev, Oleg Zhakov, Aleksandr Metelkin, Love of Sokolov, Valentin Nikulin, Bruno OYA, Ada Sheremetyeva and others. See 4 April at 19:35 (rerun on 5 April at 10:20)

“Russia”, April 4, 18:40, 19:35

the history of the palaces

the Documentary film “In the ranks of the resistance. Palaces and castles of the” historical channel “365 days TV”. Beautiful, majestic buildings that have become symbols of France. Here for centuries were stored her treasures. Versailles, the Louvre, St Germain, Chambord – these names are known all over the world. But the course of history has violated the Second World war. The German occupation, Nazi looting, bombing has jeopardized their very existence. The greatest works of art that were in those palaces could also apply to the ashes. What was the role of French castles in opposition to the Nazi invasion? How museums managed to preserve its treasures? Who was involved in the underground network for the sake of national heritage? This will tell the picture

“365 days TV”, March 31, 20.00

Usachev nostalgic for the 90-m

In the era of Youtube and TikTok, many people are nostalgic for the nineties. “CHE!” has combined two trends have revived the legendary project of those years, filling it with modern UGC content. 4 APR show, “Witness Ivan Usachev” starts the channel. This collection of shocking, funny, scary and incredible stories filmed by ordinary people – witnesses. According to the leading of the project, before the advent of YouTube, the main competitor of television, the role that YouTube played “You – witness”. Videos of accidents, crimes, funny and sometimes unlikely situations, silly stories and strange coincidences – these stories make us feel, to fear, to laugh, to empathize… adrenaline rush guaranteed. “Life is the best screenwriter in the world. Our program collects the most interesting true stories. Don’t be a victim of coronavirus – stay at home and look program the amazing accidents , says the show’s host Ivan Usachev. And for Teens generation Z is the perfect opportunity to learn that 30 years ago replaced their parents TikTok and YouTube.

“CHE!”, April 4, 21.00

Tell me, dad…

On TV channel “the WORLD” premiere – evening talk show, “Fathers and sons”. Leading Sergei and Nikita Belogolovtsev invite the stars of film, television, stage and sport different generations to dialogue on the pressing issues of our time. At a large table to discuss the most interesting reason will gather recognized luminaries of screen and new idols of today’s youth. Presenters – representatives of different generations of the same stellar family. Everyone has their own vision of the problems and their solutions.

“WORLD”, from March 30, 21:15


the First season of “Melomane” (High Fidelity) – on IMDb. The world premiere of British 10-episode series took place on 14 February, he came just now. Great premiere of Hulu c rating of 7.5 on IMDb for the novel by nick Hornby and the film “Fanatic” of Stephen Frears. Rob (Zoe Kravitz) – the owner of the Brooklyn record store, music fan and pop culture. With their help she tries to survive the separation from a loved one and dealing with the past relationship, which finally was not cleared.

Kinopoisk HD, March 30

a World without the Joker

the Premiere of the second season of the American TV series “Harley Quinn” (Harley Quinn) will be held in Russia on the day after the worldwide on 4 April. In cartoon 13 episodes. The second season of the bold animated series will continue the story about the new Queen of the underworld of Gotham. Harley Quinn broke from Joker continues on his way the criminal Olympus. Ranking the first season of the series on Kinopoisk to 8.0.

the Fire HD, April 4