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Program in honor of the birthday of Alla Pugacheva, the series on the book the Guzel Agenoy and replaced the TV program "good night, kids!" and the show "What happened next?". This and much more await viewers this week on television and the Internet
On the website "RG" is an online interview with TV presenter Dmitry Borisov. Live he will answer questions from the Explorer, "RG" Susanna Alperina on television and the Internet in the era of pandemic
Channel TV-3 in the era of pandemic coronavirus has launched a new show "Sit at home with the stars." It famous actors, musicians and TV presenters themselves record a video of yourself, telling what they do in quarantine and share tips for a good mood
The series premiere of "zulaikha opens his eyes," will be held on the channel "Russia-1" on 13 April at 21.00. The film is based on the novel by Guzel Agenoy, gained worldwide fame
During the isolation channels are trying to make their programming as fun, saturating it with new TV shows and movies. What to watch on TV, read the review "RG"

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