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The Annunciation - the first spring Orthodox holiday - the churches are always full. But now - because of the pandemic coronavirus - special days. Celebratory services are held without the congregation. Correspondent "RG" was lucky enough to get to Patriarshiy service in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior
During the isolation channels are trying to make their programming as fun, saturating it with new TV shows and movies. What to watch on TV, read the review "RG"
One of the largest hospitals of Irkutsk is closed for 14 days with patients and staff. In the quarantine and the hospital with 51 female and 42 kids. Correspondent "RG" visited the place
Russian film "Satellite" directed by Egor Abramenko, the premiere of which was to be held in late April at the new York festival "Tribeca", will be released in online-cinemas more.tv wink and ivi. Release date - April 23
The premiere of "Slave" and "Parasites" on television, a documentary on miles Davis, the Day of theater "Russia", TV series "the Defenders" on the First channel. This and much more await viewers this week on TV and online
In Moscow replaced the sculptural composition of the monument to Georgy Zhukov, installed at the Historical Museum. Work on removing the figures of Marshall, which appeared in 1995, passed the night on Friday
Vladimir Putin has urged people in the background of the situation of coronavirus is not to waste money on products, which then have to be thrown away. The situation with the supply in Russian shops are reliable
Novosibirsk "Siberia", Moscow CSKA and "the Dynamo" and Kazan "AK bars" won the first match of the series play-offs.
In Moscow has opened at once three unusual children's garden. They are all for kids allergic to dairy products. Here at kids specmenu in which there is no milk, cheese, butter, cottage cheese and curd desserts. Then what's the food boys and girls, found out the correspondent "RG"

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