the First channel is a music show Eurovision: Europe, Shine A Light, which will be broadcast live to 46 countries in the day was to be held the final of song contest “Eurovision-2020” in Rotterdam (the pandemic coronavirus infection the competition this year, it was decided not to hold). Show Europe, Shine A Light, devoid of competition, will be a commemoration of all the songs that were supposed to represent their countries at the contest in Rotterdam. Also in the show, all participants of “Eurovision-2020”, while in their countries, will sing together the song Love Shine A Light by the British band Katrina and the Waves won the contest in 1997.

channel on 16 may, 22.00

the Original project of the American streaming service Hulu is “Great” with Elle fanning in the role of future Empress Catherine II will be released in Russia simultaneously with all the world may 16, exclusively on Unlike other projects, exploring the personality of Catherine the great, TV series Hulu has opted for Comedy and “anti-historical” narrative, which is not surprising, as the Creator and writer of the series made the nominee on the award “Oscar” for the film directed by Giorgos Lanthimos “Mistress” Tony McNamara. The show takes place in Russia of the XVIII century, where we arrived the daughter of the Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst, nee Sophia Augusta Frederica, and has gone from “Catherine Nothing” to Catherine the great, one of the most influential rulers of the Russian Empire. The main role in the series takes El fanning, the role of wife Catherine – Petra III – played by Nicholas hoult. Other roles were played by Phoebe Fox, Adam Godley, Gwilym Lee, charity Wakefield, Douglas Hodge and Sacha Dhawan. from 16 may

In Russia, officially goes documentary mini-series “J. O.: Made in America”. The plot 5-serial project became a true story of American football star O. J. Simpson. Russian telepremera successful project Ezra Edelman, who received for it “Oscar” in 2017, will be held may 11 on the Viasat Sport channel. About the case OJ Simpson trial, every American knows no worse than the animated series about a funny surname of person involved – it literally exploded society, dividing it into two irreconcilable camps. A living legend of American football, the icon of the black population of the country, the idol of the boys, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1985, nine years later, was accused in a double homicide, and one of the victims was his wife, and the second is her lover. However, in the story of the O. J. Simpson trial came not only because of the star status of the accused. The main attention it got due to the fact that, despite a lot of irrefutable evidence, O. J. was acquitted. Many, contrary to the court’s decision, are still convinced that the athlete is guilty of the horrible crime, and a book with the telling title “If I would do it”, presumably written by Simpson, considered as a blatant and cynical acceptance. By the way, one of the greatest television creators of our time Ryan Murphy chose for the first season of its anthology “American crime story” is the case of Simpson.

Viasat Sport daily from 11 to 15 may at 22:00. Online cinema ViPPlay, from may 16.

On the channel NTV – Andrey Smirnov and Alexander Pankratov-Black in the new season of the action-Comedy “Dinosaur”, “the score,” Semyon Babushkin, buying a house, he likes fishing. He offered to advise the Investigative Committee, but he refuses: it’s one thing to save the granddaughter and son, and quite another to work for “the system”. But suddenly calling him by his good friend Dmitry Krylov, better known as the Fable says, that is “ordering”: use of keys, he opens the iron door with a complex lock. Grandma once again took up the old? No! Together with the Fable they opened their firm on opening the door. But the calm life they can only dream of – friends once again fall into the cycle of events. The film also starred: Valery Barinov, Mikhail Zhigalov, Galina Petrova, Alexander Oleshko, Eugene Miller, Anna Vasilyeva, Wolfgang Czerny, and others.

NTV, 11-15 may, 21.00

the Premiere of the series “Katya and black” is on channel 11 – 14 may. Police captain Yekaterina Shatrova, risking their lives, helps in the capture of a serial killer Kotova. However, the offender bailed cruel accomplice, who starts to hunt down the Marquee for revenge. Fortunately, Kate was transferred to the regional center, where she leads a team of operatives. But, more importantly, in the life of Katie appears intelligent and selfless dog named black. Charming Golden Retriever begins to help his new master in the investigations. Together they reveal many complex cases, and every time black turns up, finding important clues, hunting down rapists, kidnappers and murderers, and protecting Katina daughter Lisa… But will the black next to Kate when she need help…the Director of the series has become Guzel Kireeva, author of “Grouse” and “Silent witness”. In the film the main role was played by the actress of theatre “the Satyricon” Julia Melnikova (“Vlasic”, “Split”, “an Ordinary woman”). In the role of black – two Golden retrievers Tim and Chris. The film also starred Vladimir Koshevoy, Boris Shcherbakov, Mikhail Evlanov, Sergey Gromov, Dmitry Ratomsky, Marina Drovosekova and others.

channel, 11 – 14 may, 21.30

the First channel repeats the episode which has caused a lot of controversy – “the Garden ring”. The main role in it played by Maria Mironov, Anatoly Bely, Evgenia Brik, Irina Rozanova and others. 37-year-old Muscovite Vera Smolina can only envy. She has the perfect family. In the house of love, harmony and happiness. But one day disappears, her son Ilya. Nobody can understand where he’s gone. Trying to figure out what happened to her child, Faith begins his own investigation. And discovers that the familiar world that surrounded her for years – really is not what it seemed.

channel, may 11, at 22.25, 12 -14 may, at 00.00, on may 15 at 00.15

the Series is a melodrama of “Parental right” – in a heading “Russian series” of the channel “Russia 1”. Provincial student Lena intercession managed to pull a lucky ticket – it has become part of a rich family. A happy marriage with the son of a construction magnate Stas Yudin, a big house, a loving father-in-law replaced her father and birth of his beloved daughter Lisa – a few years ago, Lena and could not dream of such a life. However, overnight she loses everything – happiness, a family, a comfortable life, and the worst – she had taken her little daughter. Lena is on the street, alone, without money, work and a roof over your head, a powerful family is trying to deprive her of parental rights. She is willing to endure everything: betrayal of loved ones, prison, alone, to one day reclaim his right to maternal love.

“Russia 1” on may 11, 21.20

the Premiere of the documentary “Arctic. I’ll see you tomorrow” – on the First channel. This film is about the future of the Arctic, how it can be 10-20 years. Says the author, presenter and producer Elena Potanin: “In August 2019, our crew went to the North pole on one icebreaker with the most talented children of the country, the winners of the Olympics, the best young scientists. We “overheard” their thoughts on how they imagine the future of the Arctic and completed with a story about projects that have already developed and implemented by leading enterprises of Russia”. Author, presenter and producer Valdis Pelsh says: “the Main Arctic highway which will contribute to a powerful boost for the entire region – the Northern sea route. There will be new and the world’s most powerful nuclear-powered icebreakers. With the development of this road, ports, airports, infrastructure will change for the better, and people’s lives will be more comfortable, easier, more interesting. It is about the lives of the people of the Arctic region we were filming our movie.”

channel, may 11, 09.10

“Not my fault, he came!” after this phrase she became famous, she was proclaimed the first sex symbol of Soviet cinema. She was unable to get their main role, which dreamed, but in her life happened a huge woman’s happiness. As it was, people’s artist of RSFSR Svetlana Svetlichnaya, will tell the program “My hero” on the eve of their anniversary. Svetlichnaya very easily joined the film Institute at the combined workshop of Mikhail Romm, where he studied actors and Directors. The teachers loved Svetlichnaya, she was a diligent student. Especially she was able to pant��we. Teachers even put her as an example to other students: “Learn as silent as silent Svetlana”. As a sophomore in their group there it was… Vladimir Ivashov is the star of the film “Ballad of a soldier”, where he played Alyosha Skvortsov. Soon Svetlana Svetlichnaya after the “hero of our time” and “the Diamond hand” has become men’s object of admiration… That said Svetlichnaya Ivashov on the eve of his departure from life? What helped the actress to postpone the death of a spouse? Why she doesn’t want to talk about the sons and wishes she gave birth to a daughter? All this – in the program.

“TV Center” 14 may, 13.40

the Premiere of the documentary “the Actor’s fate. Beauty innocent” – on the channel “TV Center”. They dreamed about the roles of fatal beauties, but they got only unsightly aunt and grandmother. The writers stint for them, even for a replica, and the Directors were allowed into the frame for a few seconds. Tatiana Peltzer had half a lifetime to play the old ladies. Marina Golub was offered the role of a chubby, fun-loving simpletons. Irina murzaeva hiding from photographers. Rina Green went for glory too long, and Vera Ivleva if specially mutilated herself. Why one nature is generous and gracious, and the other is like punishing a non-standard appearance? The answer to this question is no and never will. However, it is known: on stage and on screen in demand not only beauty… In the film are: actors Oleg Marusev, Elena Borzova, Nina Chusova, Vera Vasilyeva, Director mark Zakharov, writer Natalia Andora, daughter of Vera Ivleva Olga and others.

“TV Center”, may 14, 23.10.

the First channel is the TV version of the concert “Roads of love”, dedicated to the 60 th anniversary of actor, presenter, musician and singer Dmitry Haratyan, which took place in the State Kremlin Palace. Leading Valdis Pelsh, Anastasia Makeeva and Dmitry Kharatyan. The program will include songs: “one Hundred friends”, “Parents house”, “School waltz” from the movie “Rozygrysh”, “Twentieth year”,”Lanfren-lanfra”, “Duck hunt”, “Behind a window month may”, “don’t give up, cadets!” and others. Kharatyan them will sing alone, and together with colleagues – Dmitry Pevtsov, Garik Sukachyov, Ivan Okhlobystin and others. Before the concert, the First channel will repeat the documentary “Dmitry Kharatyan “I don’t know the steps”. The film will tell about how the main middy countries and 60 manages to look 20 years younger. He even gives the impression of a completely successful person: a successful career, strong family, youthful appearance. But what lies behind this image of lucky? What the actor had to go to achieve this? As Horatiana managed to keep themselves and – despite all the trials – to be an optimist, and a joyous and romantic.

channel, may 11, 14.55, 15.55

NTV television is ve��this concert of Igor Krutoy, dedicated to the 65 anniversary of people’s artist of Russia. NTV viewers will be able to enjoy the Grand show, which merged together the music and figure skating. For the first time on one stage there will be the legendary musicians and sports stars. Songs to the music of Igor Krutoy performed by Lara Fabian, Andrea Bocelli, Dimash Kudaibergen, Aida Garifullina, Yuri Bashmet and many others, and the original production of Ilya Averbukh’s ice will be performed by Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov, Alexei Yagudin, Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov, Adelina Sotnikova and many others.

NTV, may 14, 23.00

In the week from may 11 on the evening air of TV channel “Russia” – a premiere of the program “history of Paris” from the series “Historical journey of Ivan Tolstoy”. The next episode of the writer and scholar tells the four untold stories of Russian Paris of the XIX and XX centuries. Here, satire, drama, creative mysterious coincidences, and semi-mystical symbols. May 12 23.25 – the first issue of “Slave and master”. In 1844 the French journalist eugène Guinot has released a collection of his essays on foreigners in Paris. Among other visitors there was an essay about the Russian visitor. The main source and inspiration of vivid essay of Eugene Guinot, clearly, can be called released shortly before the famous book the Marquis de Custine’s “Russia in 1839”. May 13 at 23.25 – second edition “Angelica” in the cradle”. Books about Angelica composed by husband and wife Serge and Anne Golon. Anne is French, and the Armenian – Russian. His real name was Vsevolod Golubinov. May 14 23.25 – the third edition of “Events” in the Spring of 1938 in Paris Russian émigré theatre staged the play of Vladimir Nabokov’s “the Event”. One of the researchers never tried to get into the biographical circumstances of the prototypes of this play. Ivan Tolstoy talks about the little-known pages of Russian culture. May 15 23.25 – fourth edition “Photo mystery”. At the end of 1930-ies in Paris the famous art historian Valentyn Zubov, created in a private mansion in Saint-Petersburg Institute of history of art, posed for his portrait. The portrait was both symbolic and mysterious….

“Russia”, 12-15 may, 23.25

the TV channel “Russia To” Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov in the Opera. Verdi’s “Il Trovatore” (may 11) and Juan Diego flórez and Olga Peretyatko in the Opera “Tales of Hoffmann” by Jacques Offenbach (may 17). At the upcoming week in the category “Masterpieces of world musical theatre” TV channel “Russia To” immediately shows two performances of “Il Trovatore” staged theatre “arena di Verona” 2019 “tales of Hoffmann” directed by Opera theatre of Monte-Carlo 2018. Performances preceded by opening remarks by Dmitry Bertman. It is believed that the secret to a successful production of Il Trovatore opened the great Maestro Arturo Toscaneeeny, saying that to put the Opera easy: “you just have to get the four best singers in the world”. The love story of Leonora and Manrico tells of a famous operatic couple, Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov, in the role of count di Luna was made by the Italian baritone Luca salsi, the party Azucena, performed by American mezzo-soprano Dolora zajick. Before the show watch the documentary, “Franco Zeffirelli. Life Director” (may 11 at 21:00). Soprano Olga Peretyatko in the Opera “Tales of Hoffmann” takes the party of four women: an Opera diva Stella, the mechanical doll Olympia, the courtesan Giulietta and Antonia young girl singer, suffering from an unknown disease, increasing while singing. In the role of Crespel will perform the famous bass Paata Burchuladze.

“Russia”, 11 may, 22:00 and may 17 22:35

may 12 on channel Dомашний starts new show “Secrets of a happy life” leading which will become a regular housewife from the suburban town of Vidnoye Hope Misaleva. In each edition of the show Hope to share with viewers a useful lifehacks for household, tell me how active and fun to spend time with family, to maintain health and good spirits. If you are wondering how to reduce time on Ironing how to make bathroom mirror did not fog up as to “unload” back after a long hard day how to defeat the dust in the apartment, Hope happy to share their secrets. Hope Misaleva lives in the town of Vidnoye, an ordinary woman, a mother of three children, a grandmother of four grandchildren, a caring wife and a good hostess. In my spare time Hope has been skating and helping grandchildren with homework.

Dомашний, may 12, 22.30

On TV channel “Super,” the season premiere of “the most delicious of the series.” According to the actress Elena Armin van Buuren, working on a sequel to Comedy “IP Pirogov” became a real quest for her, and for the whole team. “This season I was the sixth to eighth month of pregnancy, – says the actress. The was all the time in emergency mode: all the tricks in building a “fence” designed to hide my tummy, and barricades became higher and higher…” In the new series, the viewer will see the Faith Pirogov six months after the events of last season. A contract with a network of restaurants “Balzac gourmet” signed, confectionery “Pirogov”, finally began to earn a good income, however, strict control in the face of the network owner Denis Alekseevich does not give Faith to relax for a minute. In the second season the role of network owner “Balzac gourmet” was played by actor Alexei Agranovich. By the way, “IP Pirogov” became Alex’s first experience in a Comedy series.

“Super”, may 12, 21.00

the New season of “Real boys” on TNT. In the tenth year of the project the main character Kolya Naumov prevratyatsya in MMA fighter to get a multi-million dollar inheritance Sergey Ivanovitch. The clerk in the electronics store, the mailman, the mechanic, restaurateur, football functionary and even the Deputy. What niche or profession for 10 years, has not mastered the protagonist of “Real boys”. But now nick gets a new challenge – he has to become a mixed martial arts fighter and try to get a black belt MMA. And he will do anything to win, perhaps the most important victory in my life. The lives of the other characters are “Real boys” develops in the new season no less bright. For example, Edik fate gives a chance to become a real man and to learn the profession of the collector. Vova and Valya will go crazy in the process of raising triplets, and the Director of the service center will begin to disrupt anger on his subordinate Jackal. Well, the police Bazanov and Oznobishin will come up with an ingenious way to raise the detection rate in the district.

TNT, may 12, 20.00

the service Kinopoisk HD – new second season of the show “Rubbish” (Fleabag). The story is witty Horny and reveling in their sorrows of a woman who rushes to the barricades of everyday life of modern London. Premiere of the British series created for BBC Three and Amazon Video took place on 21 July 2016. The script for all twelve episodes of the first season written by Phoebe Waller-bridge, who also performed the main role. The second and final season ended on April 8, 2019 and prior to Russia, he came just now. The series has received the award “Golden globe” for best miniseries and best actress Waller-bridge,

Kinopoisk HD, may 17