the Army of the Republic on Monday confirmed the offensive of the regime of silence and lack of provocative attacks from the Ukrainian side. To consolidate the result is new rules of action and the Joint centre for control and coordination (JCCC) and the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine.

But now the question arises, how the Ukrainian side is able to provide a stable ceasefire and whether it is ready to move towards a political settlement of the internal conflict as it is written in the Minsk agreement. It is no secret that all the opponents of peace in Ukraine, focused in Kiev, and the Ukrainian delegation in the Trilateral contact group (TAG) for six months opposed the peace initiatives of the people’s Republic and the mediators.

The noticeable that on the official level, the Ukrainian side of the armistice has not welcomed the statements of the press service of the Ukrainian security forces on two third consisted of promises to open fire on their own, and in General talk about lack of interest in ending the conflict. Those who belong to “team Zelensky”, your comments are scaled truce only as of the date of the local elections on October 25 and perceive it, as well as other tactical steps only as a way to get Zelensky former ranking in the South and East of the country.

But the Minsk agreement is written so that after a sustainable truce, to which, as it seems today, the international mediators managed to push Kiev, must inevitably follow a political settlement. That is, the introduction of the Constitution of Ukraine the provisions on the special status of Donbass, as well as the elections in the republics under the auspices of the OSCE and Kiev agreed with the special law.

the reaction of the Ukrainian nationalists for cease-fire does not promise an easy road to peace: henchmen Petro Poroshenko, who personally signed the Minsk agreement, are already accusing President Vladimir Zelensky treason and convene supporters of the war on acts of disobedience. It is also important that Zelensky today are not free to declare the world – such an order, most likely, will not be executed. The fact is that up to a quarter of the faction “people’s Servants” in Parliament, the entire Cabinet, including the heads of the foreign Ministry and the interior Ministry, a large part of the President’s office, and they of Kiev at the talks in Minsk – all of them, on different occasions, can be considered members of the “party of war” that Zelensky is not a decree.

in Donetsk, In the first armistice day with the additional controls quiet. The bombardment and gunfire are not heard. Talking about it, and the inhabitants of the city, and the authorities. The staff of the Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire at the time of preparation of the publication record of ceasefire violations.

on the eve of the Ukrainian side ��have Ravila itself in full. Under a pretty tough fire hit the Northern and Western suburbs of Donetsk, which was released about fifty mines of calibre of 82 and 120 mm. was Also fired from small arms and heavy machine guns.

Since the official start of the truce of silence. If it’s a step, or at least a small step towards the settlement of the situation or the calm before another storm? About it inhabitants of Donbass do not try to guess.

the Soldiers on the front line in DNR and LNR have been instructed on how to behave in the conditions of the ceasefire. Commanders warned his subordinates of disciplinary action for its violation. But in national republics announced readiness upon receipt of an appropriate order to stop the aggression of the enemy in case he violates the truce.

However, civilians are almost not interested in additional measures to strengthen the ceasefire.

– to be honest, I never even heard of this truce discussed. I think this question ordinary people have no interest, because they now have more immediate problems, says a resident of Donetsk, Natalia.

the inhabitants of the DNI explained that already too used to live in a state of neither war nor peace, and endless conditional truce. This kind is not conducted active operations, but shooting on the line of contact really stops.

– People do not train. They are tired of the countless truces that give nothing, the endless waiting and lack of certainty. Perhaps if there is a real change in the situation, then attitudes will change. And… Well, don’t shoot until – well, – said the Donetsk Alexander.

Indeed, a formal truce in the Donbass is valid for a year from 21 July 2019. Earlier, the truce was declared more than 20 times, but to establish a real ceasefire along the line of contact the whole time and could not.

meanwhile, in the DNI and LC alarmed by the looming rebellion of Ukrainian nationalists who intend to oppose additional measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime. According to militia LNR, the leader of the Ukrainian radicals Dmitriy Yarosh urged to sabotage the orders from Kiev. And at the frontline in the town of chasov Yar are going to people with nationalist symbolism, shouting slogans against the truce.

the DNR Also had to refute the provocative statement of the Ukrainian side about the alleged incident two attacks. In the Republic stressed that all of its units strictly adhere to its commitments. The representatives of DNR reported that near the village of Vodiane, controlled by the Ukrainian side, there was the explosions of unidentified explosive devices.


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