Stage composition of Lev Dodin, artist Alexander Borovsky. A video of the theater shooting in 2015. Play “American Chekhov’s” Tatyana Shestakova, Igor Ivanov, Sergey Kuryshev, Pyotr Semak, is a play for four actors.

Like almost all the productions by Lev Dodin, the Maly drama theatre this performance is also absorbed huge memory space. During rehearsals managed to organize a trip to new London (CT, USA) and spend a week in the house, where the action of the play, – in the cottage “Monte Cristo”. “We have it in our possession for a week, round the clock – shared actor Igor Ivanov on “a Business Breakfast” in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” even before the Moscow premiere. – When we looked at photos of those years and places, people portraits somewhere further watched us. And when I arrived, I realized it’s because there’s an ocean and the vastness… the Look goes somewhere through… a Very different feeling. And another simple thing, when we began to try, as heard in that house – was horrified: from the living room to hear every word spoken in the bedroom, and so throughout the Villa. How can you live? It’s hell… And everything else that we found in rehearsals, we tried to get closer tonight.”

“I think this trip gave us a lot and we connected, he told her then, “RG” Lev Abramovich Dodin. Always very interesting to breathe the atmosphere that gave rise to the birth. After all, the author still writes because he has a powerful root cause. He got over it. And the artist often push costs. Just read the wonderful words that I want to say, somehow to simulate them. And how to simulate them? Nobody knows… And that’s to catch the root cause is always difficult, and always very desirable. In addition, in any case, it is important to escape from common, find other spaces of the imagination… Different tasks: to learn life and then to reproduce it… But to experience the transfer from one state to another, knock yourself out of household well-being is one of the most difficult problems of the theater. We all know each other and all about each other remember, we are all familiar. We are all in the same room and again like creating a completely different world. And here’s how to beat yourself out of the ordinary to suddenly open yourself to new possibilities?..”

the Play Long Day”s Journey Into Night Eugene O”Neil wrote in 1941, and left a written will publish it only after 25 years after his death. It was not done. Wife Carlotta had published the piece three years later, after retiring from the life of Eugene O”Neil; and her posthumously – were awarded the Pulitzer prize in 1957.

Died Eugene O”Neil at 65. With fifty-five years, the last ten years of his life he wrote nothing, losing efficiency due to lesions of the nervous system.

“I wanted the audience entered the theatre, saw the people on the stage against��are life, struggling with invincible and no, not win, on the contrary, inevitably suffer defeat. Human life acquires value and meaning precisely through this struggle…” – Eugene O”Neil about his drama.

“the most Powerful according to the degree of psychological tension and emotional intensity of the piece talks about what is happening within the family of the famous actor reveals the underside of the glitter and well-to-person, revealing the picture of total loneliness that grows out of the core families of this imaginary area of the human warmth and serenity. Here all seek to love each other, but, unwittingly, hurting, seeking God, but destroying the harmony… In “the long journey…” the theatre is not interested in global cataclysms of modernity. A deeply personal story, hidden in the most durable, but also very psychologically vulnerable island of our society – the family – is recognizable and relates to each of us,” MDT about the play.

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