What holiday is April 21

21 April – the Day of local self-government and the Day the chief accountant in Russia Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust, the day of the founding of Rome. This day was born the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II and the death of the writer mark TWAIN.

“Rambler” wrote that on April 19, Orthodox Christians celebrated one of the most important holidays – Easter. On this day Christians celebrate the victory of life over death – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In 2013 in Russia on April 21, the Day of local self-government. This date was not chosen by chance. On 21 April, 1785, was issued a Charter from the Charter to the cities, signed by Catherine II, who laid the Foundation for the development of the Russian legislation on local self-government. 21 March in Russia celebrates the day of the chief accountant.

April 21 – the Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust (Yom Shoah). On this day remember the Jews killed by the Nazis during the Second world war.

And in Italy on April 21 to celebrate the Foundation Day of Rome. This day is a symbolic opening of the gates of the city, so they were able to get both locals and tourists alike. However, this year due to the coronavirus pandemic of festive events were cancelled.

On April 21 born: mechanic and inventor Ivan Kulibin (1735), the nanny of the poet A. S. Pushkin’s nanny Arina Rodionovna (1758), British novelist Charlotte Bronte (1816), philosopher and sociologist Max Weber (1864), the Queen Elizabeth II (1926), musician Chris kelmi (1955), the writer Tatyana Ustinova (1968).

21 APR died: diplomat and statesman Alexei Bestuzhev-Ryumin (1766), writer mark TWAIN (1910), physicist Edward Victor Appleton (1965), the poet Eduard Asadov (2004), actors Alexander’kiv (2014) and Nina Doroshina (2018).