Mikhail Efremov

Today in Presnensky court of Moscow held a hearing on the case of 56-year-old actor Mikhail Efremov, who became the participant of road accident with a deadly outcome. The actor, who a few days after the accident recorded a video message in which he repented for his actions and apologized to the family of 57-year-old deceased Sergei Zakharov, now does not recognize his guilt. In court he stated that he cannot admit, as he remembers nothing. However, the witnesses also gave testimony today, saying that the actor admitted that he was behind the wheel of his car.

So the DPS officer Paul Marciano arrived at the scene of the accident, said that Yefremov did not deny that he drove his car.

Efremov repeatedly admitted to me that he was driving. He was asked: “You drove a vehicle?” “Yes, I am.” “Have you been drinking?” “Yes, I,”

— he recounted a dialogue with Ephraim.

Marciano also noted that the actor confirmed that he was alone. The same eyewitnesses of the incident.

According to Markianova, his colleague invited the actor to undergo a medical examination (later in the blood of Ephraim was discovered a large dose of alcohol and drugs).

“you Fool, what have I done, why I’m drunk!”. This phrase Efremov repeated more than five times. He even tried to go to the injured Sergei Zakharov. I had to take him away and isolated from people

— said the employee of the road patrol service.

what Efremov was driving, was confirmed by senior inspector Andrew Brooms, also arrived at the scene of the accident.

the court order was the report drawn up by inspector. It Efremov admits his guilt.

own fault, alas,

reads the document, signed by the actor.

the Lawyer Efremova Elman Pashayev intends to seek an acquittal for his client. How true, know, probably, only to him.

By the way, the results of the examination showed that the car of the actor at the time of the accident was fully functional, and the airbag had traces of his DNA.

Mikhail Efremov threatens from 5 till 12 years of imprisonment.