the U.S. has almost no bearing on the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. Moscow has found a way to circumvent us sanctions, the newspaper Die Welt.

the Authors note that before the ship-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky” belong “to Gazprom”. This threatened the Russian company’s problems, but now the ship is recorded on the current Russian Fund STIF. Thus, Gazprom receives the opportunity to finish the pipeline, without fear of restrictions. Moreover, the project is in its final stage of completion.

meanwhile in Germany, reject the principle of extraterritorial US sanctions. “The government continues to support the construction of “Nord stream-2″ and will continue to provide political support for participating in the project companies,” – noted in the response to the parliamentary request of the party “Alternative for Germany”

for his part, the head of the Bundestag Committee on energy Klaus Ernst has proposed to introduce sanctions against us senators had taken the initiative to adopt new measures against the construction of “Nord stream-2”. According to him, Germany should use its presidency of the EU Council to initiate a discussion about relations with the United States. Need the unanimous response of Europe on independence in economic policy. Europeans should start thinking about counter measures, e.g. penalty tariffs on American LNG.

Recall that in early June, the U.S. Senate introduced a bill on sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”, which involves the introduction of measures against companies providing insurance and reinsurance for working on the pipeline of the courts. Also under the sanctions can get the firm conducting the testing, inspection and certification of construction. The Ministry of economy of Germany fear that us sanctions will not only affect German and European companies, but also affect the work of government agencies.