In recent days in the capital of coronavirus infection found another 672 people. This was reported in the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow.

44.3% among the new cases — people aged 18 to 45 years, 32 per cent from 46 to 65 years, nine per cent from 66 to 79 years, and another 6.4 percent are older than 80 years. 8.3 percent of the patients are children. All patients and contacts of the person are already under medical supervision.

Sergei Sobyanin: the Situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the city is improving every week, 21.7 percent of Muscovites antibodies were found COVID-19

Everyone is welcome to be tested for antibodies to coronavirus infection. To make this offer in 30 clinics by appointment. Special preparation for blood donation is not needed. You need to have a compulsory medical insurance policy and passport. The results will be available in the electronic medical record within three days. There you can find a detailed transcript of all the indicators and instructions on what to do next.

In Moscow the number of new cases of coronavirus is almost twice less than a month ago, a Positive trend: the prevalence COVID-19 constantly declining.

From July 13 to Moscow goes to the next step of lifting the restrictions imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. Students will again be able to visit the universities, and the students and graduates to take exams in-person, resume clubs, cultural centres and leisure organization.

in addition, the improvement of the epidemiological situation allowed to refuse the compulsory wearing of masks in the streets. It is still necessary to wear masks and gloves in public transport, medical facilities, shops and other public places.

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