It is almost time: Little to nothing to eat until Easter – that was the rule, at least, as the Christian churches had in this country, even more popular. Today, everyone’s setting goals each time. So I will be eating for the Christmas feasts to the 5:2 diet – five days eat, and I what I like to drink, in two days I take only 600 calories to me. Now, I’m already a few pounds lighter.

“This has nothing to do with fasting,” writes Raimund Wilhelmi (70) in his book “The joy of fasting”. “Weight can you lose by taking less sugar and less fat, or more generally, the calorie intake is reduced and become more physically moves.” To do this, you don’t need a doctor, not a nurse, not a therapist.

All of the Wilhelmi in Überlingen (D) beyond the lake of Constance in the biggest clinic in Germany, which he headed until a year ago, before he handed it to his son. There are rich celebrities such as movie stars Jodie Foster (57) and Sean Connery (89), Nobel laureate in literature, Mario Vargas Llosa (83) or the former Swiss Bank Manager Josef Ackermann (72) regularly a lot of money to get no food: enema instead of casserole, carrot juice instead of juice Patty.

“Buchinger Wilhelmi” is the name of the clinic, because Wilhelmis Grandfather Otto Buchinger (1878-1966) had invented the fasting cure and tried and tested, and exactly one hundred years ago in Witzenhausen near Kassel (D) the first health resort opened. “During fasting the body, but the soul is starving”, – quotes Wilhelmi his Grandfather, the recognized as a Quaker and later Catholic in Religion food for the Soul – fast, therefore, in the original sense of the word.

Wilhelmi sees the much secular. “Today’s quasi-Religion-imposed lack of understanding of any of the debauchery that I do not understand,” he writes. “Therein I differ from the Grandfather, the little indulgence was stuffed with people, the sausage, and ham inside.” The grandson sees in the mobile phone addiction is a new Problem. “Digital fasting is a big social issue,” says Wilhelmi. “Since neither the company, have found, nor do we yet have a solution.”

This inspiring tribute to Otto Buchinger is also an Ode to the waiver in times of Plenty, to swing without the ban club. Rather, they promoted regular fasting as a Chance against high blood pressure, Obesity, Asthma, and Arthritis. Fasting is not merely an act of asceticism and self-torture. But – and there Wilhelmi meets the religious Grandfather: “fasting changes us, but only if we want to and believe in.”

Raimund Wilhelmi, “The happiness of fasting – what my grandfather Otto Buchinger already knew and what we win, if we abandon”, Hoffmann and Campe