Since the beginning of this year, an average of 30 thousand of Muscovites every week make access to their electronic health records (EHR). This was told by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

From June 26 to electronic medical record available to Muscovites not only in the portal but in the mobile application “SYSTEM.INFO”. All medical documents in a smartphone, you can download and send e-mail or instant messengers. The service was developed by the Department of health, the Committee of public services and the Department of information technology.

Electronic medical records became available in the mobile app

Access to “medical Records” in a mobile application can get all users older than 15 years with the Moscow compulsory medical insurance policy, which formalized the access to the electronic medical record on the portal To apply for access to electronic medical records, need for to open the “Directory of services” to go under “Health”, then select the tab “Request, change and remove access to the electronic medical record” and click on “Get service”. When you need to fill out an application by following the instructions. To gain access to maps of children parents must submit a separate application for After the application for access to the electronic medical record will provide within five business days.

Previously, users were able to synchronize diaries health apps such as Apple Health and Google Fit, with the mobile version of electronic medical records. To do this, simply install a special application “SYSTEM connect” and agree to send the desired information in an electronic map. With Apple Health and Google Fit integrated hundreds of smart gadgets (e.g. scales, sphygmomanometers, glucometers, etc.), and data from them with the patient’s consent can now be available to the doctor in real time.

Mobile application “SYSTEM.INFO” and “SYSTEM connect” can be downloaded on Google Play or App Store. For correct operation of mobile apps need to monitor their timely updating.

Electronic medical records