A commitment that pays off indeed: The two 25-year-old National – and FC-Bayern-players Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich, initiated recently by the Charity action #WeKickCorona and is a celebration of great achievements, how to Unlock them now via Live in the SPORT1 broadcast “double-pass” reported: “Currently, there are about 3.6 million euros, which we have collected,” says Goretzka proud of. “We don’t want to help in the first place in the football field, but focus on charitable and social projects. We want to help those people who are limited in their help.” Under www.wekickcorona.com you can register as a donor, or help request. Both is possible.

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His colleague Kimmich confirmed: “We wanted to help quickly, and so far succeeded very well with this Initiative.” Numerous prominent personalities have already committed – including Alexander Zverev and Felix Neureuther. “This shows that we only concentrate on the football, but it affects our whole society. We have not only celebrities, but also to 2200 single – this is what makes us particularly proud.”

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the project Originated as a footballer, like most of the others also need to currently spend a lot of time at home instead of on the lawn. “Joshua and I had the feeling that many are sitting at home and don’t know how you can help,” said Goretzka in the program. “We have decided to launch this Initiative.” Kimmich and Goretzka were donated as a Basis and a starting amount together a Million euros for the project.

Also about your current everyday life in times of Corona-crisis, with hard output constraints, the professionals said: “We have our Cyber-Training with the FC Bayern, the fact that we maintained our Fitness. Nevertheless, the Ball of the foot is missing, of course, you can’t train at home decently,” said Goretzka. But this is a good Alternative, if the day comes where you host the game again. Kimmich added: “We are much on the spinnin degree of on-the-go. Our athletic trainer and doing it well, think of your every day Exercises. The one or the other in the Woods you may make in Bavaria also.”

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other players think about the contribution they can make in the severe pandemic-times – and talk openly about the waiver of Salary. Finally, many clubs get without the game operation in an existential state of emergency. So Antalyaspor player Lukas Podolski in the show, said: “It was not discussed with us yet, but then I’m also the First to say, we need to help the employees and the people who work in the stadium and now out of a Job to have.”

Emre Can, since the end of January 2020 at Borussia Dortmund under contract, is the subject of the waiver of Salary in the Team is already a step further: “it went with us in the team very quickly. We footballers have a responsibility, we earn a lot of money and want to give something back. I think it’s great from my fellow Football players – not only in my team that do great things. It will be donated to many millions of. It is just nice that there’s all stick together.”

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