In times of the global Corona-pandemic apply new rules in relation to contact and Hygiene. In addition to “Social Distancing” and the correct washing of hands but should also correspond to the laundering standards of hygienic purity. This is especially true for the detection of Covid-19 ill persons or people who have an increased risk of the novel Coronavirus infection. (Read also: mobile phone cleaning – how to protect yourself from coronaviruses is requested on the mobile phone)

Laundry in the Corona-crisis wash

all over the World, due to the ongoing Corona to the eighth pandemic on special hygiene measures. According to the German press Agency, the following recommendations apply in relation to the Laundry to wash in the domestic washing machine, to virus against in clothing and other textiles the fight.

What temperature should you choose?

so far There is no official or agreed recommendations agree, what is the temperature for textiles, it is appropriate to make corona virus in the washing machine is actually harmless. Therefore, the existing standards can be adhered to continue to: things like underwear, towels, bedding and cleaning cloths should be washed at at least 60 degrees. For normal clothing lower temperatures can range from 30 or 40 degrees.

This is because modern washing machines and detergents are now so good that they already offer at low temperatures sufficient protection. But who wants to be on the safe side, you can also wash Shirts, pants and socks in Corona-hours at 60 degrees – if they can be washed at this temperature. (So you can also wear as a wearer of glasses, a mask easily)

To the wash program it gets to

As most modern washing machines have preset programs, it is rarely possible, in the case of saving, Eco – or short programs the temperature set individually. Therefore, experts do not advise according to the dpa to use these programs up to date, but the long, normal, or those with designations such as Intensive, Hygiene or Anti-Allergy. (Also interesting: As convalescent Corona can help patients to cope with the crisis

What is the Laundry detergent) is the most sense?

pay attention if you want to wash clean and virus free, should fact, of bleach containing the Full – or to use a universal detergent. Better than liquid products are designed to work in tablets, powders, granules, or beads.

washed the Laundry for people that are demonstrably or potentially suffering from Covid-19, you should take some precautionary measures. Since the Virus may be hours and perhaps days on objects, surfaces and textiles, it is advisable to wash after contact with the wash your hands thoroughly.

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