A team of scientists from Austria, Canada and Estonia found out why some people can eat as many and not gain the weight. The cause was found by specialists in the gene. Excerpts from the work of researchers published in the portal Study Finds.

The study involved 47 thousand inhabitants of Estonia. The researchers compared the genes of slim people and people of average weight. It turned out that the harmony is affected by the level of the gene anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK). If the level of the gene in the body is low, then the person is more resistant to weight gain.

It had been believed that this gene can mutate in a number of cancers. Its physiological significance was not examined. In order to verify the results, the scientists “turned off” ALK in laboratory mice. They have become slimmer, even though their diet and exercise has not changed.

“Mouse ALK deficiency demonstrate increased consumption of energy. This means that they burn more calories than a normal mouse, and explains why they remain thin even if they consume the same amount of food,” explained study author Michael Orthofer.

Previously, scientists have proven that get rid of belly fat through going to the gym is impossible. According to experts, lose weight only one part of the body is impossible. So if you just do the exercises, the belly fat will not go anywhere, it must go through a comprehensive stress and limit the consumption of calories.