Yana Rudkovskaya/Rita Dakota

the conflict between the 30-year-old Rita Dakota, and 45-year-old Yana Rudkovskaya continues unabated – both participants of scandal after raffle prizes from Louis Vuitton, again opened fire on each other on instagram.

we will Remind, for participation in drawing of users of the social network were invited to subscribe to the pages of Regina Todorenko, Natalia Yakimchuk and other participants of the “Giva”, published post-announcement. Among them were singer Rita Dakota, but she soon deleted the post, but later explained that she was forced to do it the promoter Yana Rudkovskaya, said that the participation of Rita’s looks “dermansky and horrible.”

Yana Rudkovskaya

About the unpleasant conversation with the producer and face of the brand Louis Vuitton in Russia Rita told in detail in my instagram and commented on suddenly appeared in storys Rudkovskaya praise of their new album. br>Crisis Manager Yana Rudkovskaya told her to pretend that this is a PR album, which was released a month (!) ago. She was up all night hysterically’ll post my album and called me a “Retusa”. Dirty games of show business 90 (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved. — Approx.ed.),— commented the singer.

Rita Dakota

today, she told the network that he had received a letter from the Director of communications “Louis Vuitton East,” which, according to Rita, it was written that on the same day published the RBC.

That is the message that went to the press, and at the same time to me. They say that the company regrets what happened to me, no relation to the shares has not and is inclusive democratic brand that cherishes value and respect each other,— posted by Rita Dakota.

It also informed his followers that the hacker involved in the security of her account, reported the attack.

some unimaginable number of complaints, bought a huge amount of the same database(!), flow flow to those my posts. That is good, these posts were supposed to carry. And then “plan-banana” would have worked for sure: the posts are removed, “the PR of my album,” in stories from Rudkovskaya appears. Brilliant!! It should look was exactly as if my page is not protected the best professionals in Russia. Well apogee I was offered yesterday to change the apology for the removal of the three posts. I’m not kidding. “Barter” in the style of show business,— added the singer.

Rita shared the intention to verify the head office of Louis Vuitton, whether the company has a document of reglamentirific passage of citizens of different “categories” and “social status” in certain areas of the boutique. The singer asked fans on the social network, is it worth it in this story to “fight to the end” and added the tag #Leirion, which is now glimpsed in the comments on the page of her opponent.

Yana Rudkovskaya also appealed to his followers on the social network, sharing their own vision of the conflict. She said she was totally against the participation of Rita in the raffle bags. br>To her I have had only one request, to replace the photo, since it was other people’s things boutique that are not relevant to the action, and it was important to me, including not to mislead subscribers. It is also important to emphasize that the language “distribute” and “freebie” are inappropriate in communication, what I mean in a minute conversation and told Rita. Further, no one from the circle is not expelled, the person himself wished to leave the circle, though not immediately, but the next day when it’s 150 thousand subscribers. I believe that everything that goes on from Rita Dakota for three days, it’s just unethical, unprofessional and ugly and has crossed the border! Due to requests to change the photo, she made a terrible scandal, — posted by Yana on instagram by posting his portrait with a white dove on his shoulder.

Yana Rudkovskaya

In the comments of the producer was supported by Natalia Yakimchuk, Vlad Topalov, Yulianna Karaulova, Alena Zhigalova and others. br>Rita decided to hypenate! And she can’t get enough! Not enough that you humiliate and insult never! And all this happens on account of LV, that is the Russian people attacked the Russian man, no matter what! If the biggest problem with Rita in life is that she was asked to change the photo or delete, then I’m glad that there are magical people with such small problems that seem so global that it is possible to destroy everything and everyone around!— commented on the scandalous story of Natalia Yakimchuk.

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However, not all followers of Yana Rudkovskaya agreed with her and her supporters.
Now follow the posts as a series,— posted by one of the observers, the showdown on the network.

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