In the site we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — the anniversary collection Rouge Joues Contraste from Chanel. The three most popular shade came in a smart box Burgundy with the logo in the form of a double letter C.

for 40 years, Joues Contraste is one of best-selling beauty line Chanel. They add the skin bright accent (fans of the brand will agree with us) and make the complexion fresh and rested, as after a walk in the fresh air. When applied directly to the skin for Foundation or powder their delicate silky texture creates the effect of a healthy glow.

Since the launch in 1980 of the creative Studio makeup brand has created about 120 shades from dudovich to expressive. A distinctive feature of the blush remains on the skin a delicate fragrance of rose and recognizable box with double letter C (inside a convenient mirror and fluffy brush).

In honor of their anniversary Joues Contraste came out in the most popular shades, Malice, Rose Initial and Rouge Profond.

A part of it — such as shades of moisturizing lipstick-Shine Rouge Coco Flash. It consists of three types of plant waxes: Mimosa, jojoba and sunflower. Silicone wax is responsible for a more delicate texture and comfortable application, and an improved polymer film and special microparticles provide the formula for lasting durability and brilliant Shine.

the Products are available only in the perfume and cosmetic boutiques Chanel. The cost of blush — 3 580 RUB., the cost of lipstick — 2 910 RUB.