More than six and a half thousand ninth-graders participated in remote testing for admission to the it classes. This is two times more than a year ago, when I conducted the first set, reported in the capital Department of education and science.

the Test consisted of 20 questions in physics, mathematics, computer science and General it competency.

First it classes opened September 1, 2019 35 schools. In their study of over one thousand high school students.

the Project is implemented in cooperation with eight universities — leaders in the training of it-specialists: St. Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics, Moscow state technical University named after N. Uh. Bauman, National research University “Higher school of Economics”, Moscow engineering physics Institute, Moscow Institute of physics and technology, Moscow state technological University “STANKIN”, Moscow Polytechnical University and MIREA — Russian University of technology and leading it companies.

the educational program includes the study of disciplines such as web development, interface design, big data Analytics, prototyping and information security.

it classes are equipped with special it the polygons that constitute the workplace of professionals in the field of web development, telecommunications, big data Analytics, prototyping and engineering.

In this academic year students of it classes was attended by about 400 events. A large it company had a meeting on issues of information security, development of communication technologies and big data Analytics. Universities partners of the project organized a full-time and virtual excursions to industrial enterprises, lectures with leading professors.

More about the project “it-class at the Moscow school” can be found on the website. The section presents a list of schools conducting recruitment in the it classes on the 2020/2021 academic year.