the 1993 Constitution, he stressed, are unable so to unite the society, as the amendments that were voted on.

– Today, begin to talk “and it would give our country?” – said Volodin. – This will provide the development…, We are now entering this stage.

the Development, he said, will “level absolutely other standards of life quality and medicine, and social issues.” “This state-protected as a sovereign, protected by the Constitution because we didn’t have the core rules which was to be the rule of our Constitution over the decisions of international organizations”, – said the speaker.

the Head of the lower house has addressed with words of gratitude to all who, despite the pandemic, “found possible come to support the amendments to the Constitution”.

– by far the country that makes you stronger, living standards are higher, he said. And of course, in the future, our government will be more efficient to develop with the support of our citizens.

nationwide, the vote essentially became a referendum of confidence in Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the Chairman of the state Duma. “But it will be his decision, – said Volodin, speaking about the possibility of a future presidential term. – As to what he did in order to become stronger, of course, after the adoption of the provisions of the Constitution have the opportunity to continue to move in that direction”.

He called the obvious that the attitude of our country with other States after the adoption of the amendments would be “more respectful, because they will understand that Putin has the opportunity to retain his post, his support of our citizens.”

Voting on amendments to the Constitution passed in Russia with 25 to July 1. The results of processing 100% of protocols for the adoption of the amendments voted 77,92% of Russians against – of 21.27%. The turnout according to the CEC head, was about 65%.