Vodonaevoy have handed over nerves from isolation

Russian TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva admitted that due to prolonged isolation, she is a nervous wreck, sometimes she cries in secret from my son. She announced this in Instagram.

“frankly, when [the son] Bogdan did not see, I sometimes cry. Sit quietly in his hidden corner, tears to pour over it, mom calls, cat talk and the like becomes easy,” admitted a leading and showed pictures of one of those moments.

She said that, except the son, and the couriers have not seen other people for about a half months. According to Vodonaevoy, even to her, sociopath and introverted, lacking simple human communication.

“the Sad swoops mostly after I just wash the whole apartment, and the son or the cat in half an hour be sure to get in trouble so that it is necessary to remove again,” explained the anchorwoman. She also gave the rest of the recipe from sadness quarantined: five minutes to cry, to realize that someone is even worse to wipe your nose, wash your face and to deal with cases on.

Earlier Vodonaeva criticized actor Ivan Okhlobystin for their participation in the Easter service “for the elite” in a Moscow Church, despite the pandemic coronavirus. She protested that because of the actions of people like Okhlobystin, keep the isolation the Russians, and she will be forced to stay home even longer.

Vodonaeva gave birth to her only child-married her first husband, businessman Aleksey Malakaeva. Son Bogdan was suggested by a couple in August 2010. Currently leading in divorce with the second husband, and continues to educate herself a nine year old child.