From 27 to 30 may, pupils will be online classes. They will tell you how cosmic rays help to understand the processes occurring in the Universe, as well as teach new programming languages.

In the National research nuclear University “MEPhI” engineering will be online vacation. Wednesday, may 27, students learn about cosmic rays. 28 and 29 may, students will go on a virtual tour of the scientific-educational center “NEVOD”, where they show the setup for applied research, may 30, students will be able to check the knowledge on the subject. The online class will be held in the format of the game “Who wants to be a millionaire?”.

How to protect the flora and fauna? What is the difference between nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and monuments of nature? The answers to these and other questions, students will receive an online seminar on may 27.

on may 28, will host an online seminar on the basics of microbiological disinfectants and their composition. The participants will show.

Create a will online master-class on may 26. May 30 students are invited to explore the Swift programming language. At 11:00 the guys talk about the main libraries and frameworks of the language, and at 12:45 participants will become familiar with designing interfaces in the software environment of Xcode.

all classes are pre-registration.

full-time classes in Moscow schools cancelled. All lessons were converted to remote format. Such measures introduced in accordance with the order of the Moscow Department of education and science and the decree of the Mayor of Moscow because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

Free time students can spend with benefit perusing online educational lectures, workshops and participate in virtual workshops on the websites of educational institutions. For high school students to “mash” all of the materials available that will help yourself to prepare for the exam.

In the library “mash-up” collected over one million materials are Composed of a group of scenarios of lessons in “mash”