It is now possible to study the basics of cytology in the virtual space of the new laboratories of the library of the “Moscow Electronic School” (“MASH”).¬†Students will be able to learn about the structure and vital activity of cells, as well as what functions they perform.

An interactive virtual microscope is available to users, allowing them to view individual cells. You can consolidate the acquired knowledge in a game format by solving an interactive task or passing a thematic quiz.

Virtual laboratories from the biology section “Cytology” cover 10 topics that are studied in the fifth, sixth, eighth and 9-11 grades. Interactive materials can be used for teaching in specialized high schools and biology circles. There are several operating modes available to users. For example, the “Overview” and “Study” modes allow you to rotate three-dimensional objects on the screen, compare and enlarge them, as well as view lists of composite elements.

To use the service, you need to go to the “MASH” library under your account, go to the “Catalog” section on the start screen, then to the “Laboratories” tab, and then select the laboratory of interest among the proposed materials.¬†

From logic circuits to robots: what are the benefits of the new virtual laboratories in the MASH library

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