“no, No, we are not there yet, all of them”, says virologist is in order, Steven Van Gucht, at the daily press conference on the epidemic in the country. He counterbalances the rumour that we are after two weeks of quarantine is a “safe” could have been.

The number of deaths in our country are increasing quickly. On Tuesday died, there would be an additional 123 people. 1088 people are in intensive care. 834 patients were ademhalingsondersteuning is required, and 24 are on the heart-lung bypass machine.

However, it turns out that there is a persistent rumor to do it. The two weeks within the, remained, and have no symptoms, they think they are safe, and back with their families and friends,” says Van Gucht. “But that’s not the case at all. The company is now split up into small groups and build the bridges between these groups, we should as much as possible, avoid allowing the virus can be transmitted. You can be a carrier of the COVID-19-without you knowing about it .We need these efforts to continue to keep this up.”

now, The virologists also point out that the people who are sick go to the doctor. “We’re hearing from doctors is that people are afraid, are afraid to be tested. That is, it is not necessary. Primary care physicians are well-organized to keep everyone safe and to explore. Also, people who are ill for a long period, it should continue to be monitored,” says Van Gucht.

The figures, which the experts are encouraging. However, it will still be difficult. “There are 2220 beds are available for coronapatiënten, 54 per cent has been taken from you. We still have some capacity, but it is more and more filled, and the people that are going to not be as fast out of the intensive care department. Using these figures, we trust that we are in the situation to handle, but it’s going to be a very large effort from our hospitals. That’s for sure.”

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