in Its daily press conference in the emergency operations centre regarding the corona virus, went sat night with some emotion. Of clinical biology, Emmanuel André (university hospitals Leuven) gave the tough message that there will be a 12-year-old girl who succumbed to the virus. ”Why is it, sometimes, things go wrong, we don’t know.”

“We have a difficult communication to convey: the death of a young girl of about twelve years,” said Emmanuel André, who is obviously under the impression that it was. “It was emotionally a difficult time, what matters to a child, and society as a whole. This puts us all at odds.”

now, Andre, was so badly taken, that his colleague, Steven Van Gucht, had to take over. “A girl, about twelve years of age until death,” said Van Gucht. “She’s tested positive for the corona virus. They are suddenly on a three-day period is enormously rich with high-grade fever. It’s extraordinary, and, we can’t find a single explanation for all such cases. We want to offer our support to her parents, family and friends.”

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you can talk

“It reminds us that, in all ages, from 10 years old up to the highest age, complications can develop,” said Gucht. “Even though this is a very rare thing among the young people, this is not the norm. Why does it sometimes go wrong, we don’t know.” The virologist is in order, insisted that “Believe me when I say, this shall pass away.”

Van Gucht also pointed out that people should continue to talk to each other. “This has been a difficult time for the people to feel lost. Find support in each other, and talk about it. To do this, the Red Cross has a toll free telephone number < / I> (that is, 0800-14.689, ed.) , is available. They will have people to direct you to the appropriate psycho-social help lines. This virus is a fact of nature, and this is going to be over. We will be able to fight.”

705 coronadoden

the new figures show that, while 705 people have died of the virus in the country. This was previously communicated figures are corrected for the mortality that is now known to have been lost. 93 per cent of the victims were older than 65 years of age.

there are Currently 4.920 patients admitted to the hospital, of whom 1.021 in intensive care. 786 patients were ademhalingsondersteuning needed, and to a 20, a heart-lung bypass machine.

over 50% of our ziekenhuiscapaciteit has in the meantime been reached. In Brussels, Limburg, and Hainaut, and the weight of the crisis is the most serious by it. There, a dispersion of flights plan to get people to link to it, that’s not a problem.
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