The slowing of the spread of the Coronavirus is currently the need of the hour. With the help of the contact prohibited and the output restrictions are to succeed in this. Before the feast of Easter, many politicians feared, however, that the citizens could no longer hold to these rules and it would increasingly come to violations of the Corona-protection regulations. However, current Figures show that These doubts were unfounded. Because, as the latest Figures from the police headquarters and regulatory agencies from the cities of Essen, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich prove, it was mostly not propagated to criminal charges.

Essen and Stuttgart recorded the least violations

The rule, most loyal of the citizens of Easter, therefore, is in Essen, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Düsseldorf. On request by FOCUS Online, the city of Essen said that the authorities have registered over the holidays 100 violations in connection with the Corona-protection regulation. Added references to 250 square.

Similar to many of the incidents, the police registered the Bureau of Stuttgart. In the baden-württemberg state capital, there were about 120 violations of the prohibition of Contact. More than 33,000 people had been monitored in Baden-Württemberg at Easter.

in Leipzig, the people obeyed the Corona-rules as much as possible. 140 violations of the General order were recorded by the police. This would usually illicit gatherings in Parks, on squares and in courtyards affected. Saxony, there had been a total of 453 offences.

185 violations recorded again, the clerk’s office in Düsseldorf. In 15 cases will now be examined whether there is a display. In the week from 30. March to 8. April, there had been 33 criminal charges.

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500 violations in Berlin, 1000 in Hamburg

In the much larger Berlin was there over Easter 500 violations of the mitigation measures, the show is about the minimum spacing or closure of Business rules, including 450 administrative offences, and a penalty of 50. Since the introduction of the Corona protection regulation on 23. Of March it had been given until Easter 2064 violations. For the Easter weekend, the Berlin police had announced more stringent measures. In particular, the presence of measures in the Parks, the lakes and the excursions were increased objectives. The acceptance in the population, however, had been high, said the police of Berlin.

Less accurate, it took the Hamburger with the Corona-rules. About 1,000 violations were found on Easter weekend. In view of the good weather, the number of violations was low, it was called from the police headquarters. Mostly miss, especially young people, stayed for the minimum of one and a half meters. Since the adoption of the General order on 22. March had taken place in the Hanseatic city already 3900 violations, which, among other things, the introduction of a fine catalog.

more Than 1000 violations in Munich

During Hamburg in police statistics was considered the front-runner in the Corona violations, will now be in Munich this role. Because over Easter were displayed in the city and in the district of Munich, a total of 1.075 violations of the current regulation, informed the police of Munich. The majority of the violations directed against the output restriction. Thus, there were in and around the Bavarian capital, the majority of violations among the cities asked large. In Munich, there were 3715 criminal charges since the adoption of General order 20. March. Nevertheless Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) agreed the Bayern a total of a “very exemplary” behavior. So, there have been only a low level of excursion traffic. Biting scorn to Spahn photo in jam-Packed full of lift – the Minister FOCUS Online/Wochit reacts Biting scorn to Spahn photo in jam-Packed full of lift – the Minister responds

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