the Company Øyfjellet Wind has been given permission to build Norway’s largest wind farms on Øyfjellet in Vefsn.

But the plans are controversial. NRK recently told, have vindkraftselskapet still not come to terms with reindeer herding.

Nevertheless they bought recently 72 wind turbines to be set up in the area, which is important for the reindeer herders.

Thousands of reindeer pass here under the vårflyttinga. The question is how long they will have.

One to two days should keep, believes the company itself. It is the NVE disagree.

Must stop work in a month

Now turn the firm that Øyfjellet Wind AS don’t get carry out the work in the island in the period 10. april to 10. may.

Attorney Paul Gudesen represents reindriftsnæringa.

Photo: Dalan law firm

It should provide the reineierne time to do away vårflyttinga. And it is an important period, because the moves are now to be completed before reinkalvene being born in the månedsskifte april/may.

– We have good reason to believe that most of the moves will be over to 10. may. Assuming that this goes as normal, ” says seksjonssjef in the NVE, Øyvind Leirset to NRK.

the Authorities have decided that the developer must achieve a coexistence with reindeer husbandry. Not only in anleggsperioden, but also when the windmills are in operation.

Øyfjellet Wind must also give grants of up to nok 500,000, which Jillen-Njaarke reinbeitedistrikt can use to make the moves more effective.

There can be costs to the helicopter and extra), it is stated in the decision.

the Company’s lawyer, Johan Fredrik Remmen, says in a text to NRK in the afternoon that the decision from the NVE has been appealed to the ministry of Petroleum and energy.

– Solves only the problem in the year

the Reindeer herders had asked for two months with stoppage in construction work, but did not reach consensus for it.

Paul Gudesen is the lawyer your information. He says to NRK that they are happy with the decision that came in today.

< p> the County: – Not physically possible to move thousands of reindeer in one day

We understand that the developer must wait if the move is not done to 10. may. It will give reindeer the ro to conduct the relocation in a proper way.

According to the Gudesen, it is closer to 2000 reindeer to be moved. 90 per cent of them are hunnrein, and most of them are pregnant.

In addition, the reindeer scattered over large areas. It makes that it takes time to collect them.

NVE confirms that it can come to the decision on further suspension of construction work if it is still clean inside the area after 10. may.

Now is Gudesen most excited about what happens in the years ahead.

This is a straightforward solution for the spring movement in the year. But there is no plan for how the reindeer to move through this area after that it’s been a giant wind turbine. It is still a concern.

Here are the 72 wind turbines will be built in Vesterfjellene in Vefsn. They will get a height of 180 meters from the ground to the rotorspiss.

Photo: Eolus