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Attempt to make a striking picture for social networks almost cost the life of 36-year-old Builder. The man fell from the window ledge of the 15th floor at a friend managed to keep him from falling.
Medical masks now in Russia there are hundreds of million pieces. Which became so popular during the advent of coronavirus item is already almost half of the inhabitants of Moscow. Is and – throws later, the used, polluted, and possibly infected remedy. What is the fate of such specific MSW is municipal solid waste? And they can threaten us with you? In this versed correspondent "MK".
Gradually now in Russia people accept the new reality, in which the main news becomes plaguing the humanity as a virus. Writer Leonid Yuzefovich, whose book "Cranes and dwarfs", "the Autocrat of the desert" and "Winter road" have already become modern classics, said in an interview with "MK" on the anxiety for the future, new adventurers, and how can the pandemic to escalate into Civil war.
Difficult night from Saturday to Sunday was for the family of the famous singer Diana Gurtskaya. The son of a famous singer and public figure Diana Gurtskaya and her husband, Deputy Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Peter Kucherenko was in the hospital. But, thank God, not with the coronavirus and not with pneumonia. The Bones, which in the summer reaches 13 years of age, was diagnosed with appendicitis. "At 00.00 the operation is over. Kostya is asleep. Thanks to all the doctors and M. A. Kurtser for care and work," publicly thanked the doctors in the network, the boy's father, the husband of Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko. He noted that the health situation of the child was threatening. "The clarity, accuracy and professionalism avoiding peritonitis", - he said. The attack happened suddenly, so like three days ago Diana has exhibited in Instagram your photos with the son, and all have been good.
Bolshoi drama theater. G. A. Tovstonogov became a pioneer, and not only for us, the scale having entered into a parallel virtual reality and proposing new forms of interaction with the audience during quarantine. Digital existence was presented by the artistic Director of theatre Andrey Moguchy and his actors, led by Alisa Freindlich.
Crowded beaches and resort atmosphere that are very effective background to the story lines of the series "the Bloodhound" now look like images from another life. The new series was filmed when we all do, and the project team decided very different, dekorativnye problems. But the challenges the film crews at all times distinguished by their, sometimes surprising for ordinary people specifics. We have studied the behind the scenes shots of all four seasons of the project and this is what came out.
COVID-19, attacked mankind without a Declaration of war, showed and revealed things are far from medicine, I'm sure the actor Viktor Sukhorukov. We can talk about this with him, although we shared 97 kilometers. I'm in my Moscow apartment, and he's on their six acres under Orekhovo-Zuevo, the.And it seems that Viktor is the only one who is not echoed by the mass choir, which sings different voices saying that the whole life after the disastrous virus has changed, and will not find anyone.
Isolation is in progress in Moscow and gives people a discomfort. It concerns and media persons. How comforting to quarantine yourself known to people that you can cook on the forced home stay and how to build in a period of isolation relationships with children, we were told the actors and designers.
In Russia 40 million people have loans from banks. Many several types of obligations: consumer, mortgage, and credit card. And every fourth borrower more than three-month delay in payment.For the loan does not even have to go to the Bank, it is enough to be in the nearby shopping centre to look at the website of the online store or a travel Agency. Temptations lurk at every turn, and then on his neck tightened loop.To cope with the problem difficult, but you can find fellow sufferers, the same borrowers, and together to try to get rid of the credit function, which has been compared to drug and alcohol...
The President ordered to revise the previously agreed terms
A criminal case on the fact of destruction of people on fire in Izmalkovsky district of Lipetsk region. Law enforcement authorities determined the cause of the fire, started a scene examination and interviewing witnesses and eyewitnesses.
On March 2, entered into force the Federal law allowing the security services to airports, train stations and other transport facilities to purchase, store and use stun guns
Last weekend in Russia there is a new saying: "To the bath with dry ice, not walk."In fact, to break through the millennia formed a storehouse of folk wisdom in Proverbs, sayings, anecdotes and ditties is not easy — it is necessary really to break up surrounding the brain.
Accumulate ability, improve memory, and ever will... to carry to the brain the less successful people. Donation the potential of improving memory is one of the latest trends of modern neurophysiology, we talk with the former Director and now scientific Director of the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS Pavel BALABAN. From a conversation with him about the latest achievements of science and the mysteries of our brain we have learned:— how many scientific discoveries in physiology could be accomplished in Russia;— how to convince the hungry that he fed;— as of the disability of the student to take the honors with a single injection;what is deja vu, and what really determines the success of any business.
The personalities of the victims in Sunday's accident in the Moscow suburb of Elektrostal. There dangling rope killed a man and child.
A number of media and telegram channels reported about the incident at the home of hockey player Pavel Bure
In Moscow has opened at once three unusual children's garden. They are all for kids allergic to dairy products. Here at kids specmenu in which there is no milk, cheese, butter, cottage cheese and curd desserts. Then what's the food boys and girls, found out the correspondent "RG"
Netizens lashed out at the blogger Ekaterina Didenko, at the party in honor of birthday in Moscow sauna where her husband died and two more friends
On Saturday in Central Moscow held a traditional March in memory of Boris Nemtsov. Recall, the former Governor of Nizhny Novgorod and Deputy Prime Minister of the Yeltsin era, and in modern times – the leader of the opposition was killed in Moscow 5 years ago, February 27, 2015. The memory of politics has become a stumbling block between the government and the opposition part of the society. At the jubilee procession gathered at least five to seven thousand people. (According to the "White meter" on the territory of the March to 14.30. were 21.7 thousand persons)
In one of the schools of Magnitogorsk during the lesson was PE. The second class pupil died instantly in the eyes of classmates.
February 13 women's basketball team "Dynamo" (Kursk) in Moscow defeated the team of the capital of IBA. On the eve of this match, the Executive Director of the Kursk basketball club Victoria Shennikova gave an exclusive interview.
30-year-old Russian actress of Latvian origin, star of TV series "Closed school" Agata muceniece has published a touching poem dedicated to divorce with actor Paul Priluchny
In Garrison military court of St. Petersburg on 28 February continued the trial in the case of St. Petersburg the defendants in the case "Network" (an organization banned in Russia). At the conference questioned the accused in Penza Ilya and Maxim Shaturskogo Ivankina. The main part of the interrogation consisted of clarification of circumstances of emergence in software text files ("the Revolution will" and others), protocols of interrogations and relationships Penza defendants with St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, judge Victor Filinkova and Julia Bojarshinova, according to intelligence, members of the local cell of the terrorist "Network".
For the past many centuries, "leap makeweight" in the form of 29 February is the most controversial day of the year. It involves a number of beliefs, legends, accept. And even scientific research to help those people who are lucky enough to be born in such an unusual day.
Russian singer Shura (Alexander Medvedev) admitted in an interview with "the Notebook", almost died from cancer, but it helped him, helped to change the attitudes
The order of payment of child benefits to low-income families, explained the Ministry of labor.
People's artist of Russia Tatyana Vasilyeva in the Studio of "the Destiny of man" on the channel "Russia-1" told about his cheating first husband, Anatoly Vasiliev. As recognized by 73-year-old star, he knew the lovers of his wife, but did not attempt to teach them a lesson.
Almost 40% of inhabitants of the Saratov region sports
Vladimir Etush, who passed away a year ago, did not live three years or until their 100, for me, has always been a man with a secret. A deceptive appearance: the way his rigorous mind, he neither give nor take statesman (rank in the diplomatic service, the Minister or what — come up higher — Governor). And he, being a great dramatic actor, he knew how to make people laugh as a few of his fellow actors. It seemed cautious, but not afraid to marry a woman twice younger than himself and lived with her in the happiness of his last two decades. With these thoughts I go to Elena Etush in her empty house — the famous house-iron in grenade alley.
For the first time "Sound track" of the prize "ZD Awards-2019", which will be held April 20 in the Grand Kremlin Palace, will be Nike Borzov — finalist in the category "Rock singer". Him (one of the very few in our country) has managed to become an artist of great value, not focusing on the fashions, trends and moods of the public. Musician does not attempt to impress, but it is organically obtained.
Alexander Roebuck for a couple of Egor Bereavem very smartly plays a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the new series "war of the families". However, fans of the Roebuck can say that mediocre Comedy, not fully reflects the acting potential of Alexander and certainly will not be too important a place in his filmography. Was his role harder, not only on the set. We remembered some of them.
Italian Director Matteo Spiazzi showed his first work for the Russian theatre in the New space of the theatre of Nations. The basis of the famous text by Frank Wedekind about the problems of adolescents 129-year-old, and attempt a Frank conversation about sex, "fathers and children" by means of virtual reality. From the premiere — the correspondent of "MK".
The daughter of singer Lyubov Uspenskaya can take part in the filming of new television programmes focusing on her relationship with her mother
The seventh-grader from New Moscow in an attempt to impress my classmates jumped from the third floor of the school right in the middle of class. Fortunately, has done without serious consequences. Most unusual in this story were transported to the hospital by helicopter.
Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov commented on the complaint of the teachers to the Chairman of the state Council of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin on one of the most popular TV programmes on the Federal channel
Last Tuesday, the artistic Director of the Theatre of Nations has proclaimed the Manifesto of life in motion. Especially for this Anatoly Bely, Irina Pegova, Julia Peresild, Mikhail Evlanov and, of course, Yevgeny Mironov told the audience, among whom were many children with disabilities, about the fate of the greatest people in the world: astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, a military pilot Alexei Maresyev, artist Frida Kahlo and motivational speaker nick Vujcic.
The number of victims of riots and clashes in the Indian capital, which began earlier in the week, Thursday has risen to 28 people
During a storm in Sochi, a tourist decided to take a picture on the Seaside promenade with a small child
The FSB announced the arrest in Saratov two teenagers who planned a mass murder of about 40 people
According to Vladimir Putin, calls to kill the children of employees of Regardie can razbalansirovat the situation in the country that "will not find"
The web was much discussion correspondence conflict suddenly erupted between the Chairman of the "Union of pensioners of Russia", a member of the Council of Federation Valery Ryazansky and TV presenter, actor Leonid Yakubovich. It all started with the fact that the latter is told that his pension is 23 000 rubles, and ironically suggested the same salary as the Minister of labour of the Russian Federation.
The Investigative Committee in Khakassia Republic reported that the court sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment of the inhabitant of Sayanogorsk for beating to death a four year old stepson
In GU Ministry of emergency situations of Russia in Krasnodar Krai reported that the sea came a boat who must find two children reported missing the night before
The number of victims during mass riots and clashes in new Delhi, which began on Monday has risen to 17, reports the news Agency PTI with reference to the representatives of the hospital "Guru Tag Bahadur", which hospitalitynet affected
According to RT, the representative of a city administration of Khabarovsk has told about carrying out the evacuation in all city schools after an anonymous call about mining of educational institutions
In Bashkiria mother of two caused a scene in a taxi in the style of the fitness trainer from Moscow "take me scum"
Music producer Igor Matvienko suggested to send from Russia at the "Eurovision-2020" the group "Factory"
In 2016, the woman gave birth to a girl in the hospital of Saratov, but no documents will not be issued. Documents will not be issued for 10-year-old boy
The girl was found in a package on one of the streets of the city
In 2020, the organizers prepared a great program of 30 activities

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