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During a pandemic, and economic uncertainty intensified cynical hunters for profit. Taking advantage of the panic and isolation, crooks extorting people for money or steal personal data. In the Arsenal of criminals dozens of schemes: viral sites, the promise of compensation, intimidation, fines, fake certificate, the imposition procedures of disinfection and pamphlets on prevention. Our recommendations will help not to be deceived.
A group of French doctors confirmed that during the observation of patients infected with the coronavirus, some of them discovered a new symptom – a rash on the skin that looks similar to urticaria. As most often in such cases no severe manifestations of coronavirus infection, there is reason to assume that they can transmit the virus, including through the skin. How these assumptions are justified, we asked the experts.
COVID-19, attacked mankind without a Declaration of war, showed and revealed things are far from medicine, I'm sure the actor Viktor Sukhorukov. We can talk about this with him, although we shared 97 kilometers. I'm in my Moscow apartment, and he's on their six acres under Orekhovo-Zuevo, the.And it seems that Viktor is the only one who is not echoed by the mass choir, which sings different voices saying that the whole life after the disastrous virus has changed, and will not find anyone.
In the hookah on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow during a special operation detained about 100 people, 65 of them were minors, according to the Telegram-channel 112
Russian singer Shura (Alexander Medvedev) admitted in an interview with "the Notebook", almost died from cancer, but it helped him, helped to change the attitudes
Sports arbitration court decided that the hearing world and the Russian anti-doping agencies will start at best in April. Contrary to the suggestion of WADA meetings will be held behind closed doors
The Turkish authorities announced the arrest at the Istanbul airport of the citizen of the Russian Federation
Experts ' forecasts are disappointing: if by April the spread of the coronavirus will decline, the economic damage to the world economy will amount to a trillion dollars. If recession will not, and will start a pandemic, global losses not taken anyone to predict. However, the ex-member of the UN Commission on biological and chemical weapons Igor Nikulin brought some advantages to this situation for our country.
70-th Berlin international film festival came to the middle. It is obvious that the advent of the new leadership, headed by Italian art Director Carlo Chatrian has drastically changed life is the oldest of the festival. Low politicization, what's always made the Berlinale, more pure art. Stars almost there, except that johnny Depp came to present their new work outside the main competition Yes, Sigourney weaver was on the opening day of the track star. With the advent of new curators seemed to have opened the gate, and of Russian cinema, which for many years it was the ordered way flooded.

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