Representatives of Pro-European political forces in Ukraine urge law enforcement agencies to respond to a trip of the co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform for life” (opzz) of Viktor Medvedchuk in the Crimea. Formal visits to the Peninsula is not prohibited by the Ukrainian legislation. However opponents of mister Medvedchuk think the MP still has to be responsible for the “betrayal of national interests”. Interlocutors “” in the Crimea, meanwhile, wished Mr. Medvedchuk good rest, calling his visit “a proof that Ukraine has a sensible policy.”Victor Medvedchuk has not made any public statements about the intention to go to the Crimea. The news that he came to the Peninsula in the company of his wife, Oksana Marchenko and several others – most likely, the guards – a number of Ukrainian media received from their sources in the border guard service of Ukraine. The border guards told reporters that the van with the Deputy entered the territory of the Crimea in the second half of the day Sunday, August 2nd.Read deletepage a press-the Secretary of mister Medvedchuk, Oleg Babanin confirmed. “Viktor Medvedchuk is on holiday as an MP, is with the family in the Crimea”,— he said in comments to the “Radio Freedom”, refusing to reveal any details of this trip.From the point of view of Ukrainian legislation is considered Crimea a “temporarily occupied territory”. Kyiv, like most other world capitals, has not recognized the incorporation of the Peninsula into the Russian Federation. The Crimea and Sevastopol in the official documents appears as “forcibly seized” and “taken by the armed forces of the Russian Federation”. Now due to quarantine restrictions the procedure of entry is a little more complex. According to information of the Ukrainian border, the Russians allowed in the Crimea from the Kherson region, only holders of the citizenship or residence permit in Russia or those who live on the Peninsula closest relatives. Which of the following bases are used for the passage of Viktor Medvedchuk and his wife is unknown. But we know that they have ownership of a residence and several companies registered on the Peninsula.The mere fact of the trip, so the status of a Ukrainian citizen in Crimea, according to the journalist Sergei Ivanov has already been detrimental to the national interests of Ukraine. “The Parliament opsi represents the interests of Putin and now, obviously, Medvedchuk went to the next item of the Kremlin’s plan — the legalization of Russian occupation of Crimea to Ukraine”,— wrote the journalist in Facebook. Sergei Ivanov also urged the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine to check the recent media information that in the Crimea Viktor Medvedchuk entered in the companies current employees State��dedicatory security service (GSO).Verkhovna Rada Deputy of the “European solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko considers that enforcement agencies should focus not on the companions of mister Medvedchuk, and himself. “Medvedchuk with his wife went to the occupied Crimea. I believe that immediately after the return Medvedchuk from the occupied Crimea, he should be directed to start at the Lukyanovka (common name glaucous-13 in Kiev.— “B”), and then from there to the colony of strict regime with charges of treason. This circus needs to end,” wrote the MP in Facebook.Speaking on the air “Hromadske radio” Deputy interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko has promised to check the information that during the visit of the Deputy in the Crimea accompany the employees of GSO, but of Mr. Medvedchuk is unlikely to expect any test. “About Medvedchuk is his desire to rest in the annexed Crimea, and the moral side of the question, how can it be moral when the person is a friend and a godfather of the President of the state-aggressor, Vladimir Putin,”— said Anton Gerashchenko.”In Russia, unlike Ukraine, does not divide guests into “us” and “them.” Crimea always mentally takes tourists — those who come here with respect for people and knows at least the basic rules of behavior”,— said “Kommersant” the Deputy of the state Duma of the Crimea Andrei Kozenko. “However, those representatives of “the Ukrainian elite”, who tear their shirts, seeking sanctions and restrictions for Crimea and Russia as a whole, and do not go here. Not because I don’t want to, but because not dare to carry their nationalist nonsense, looking into the eyes of the Russians — residents of the Republic. So that all came to rest in the Crimea, including Viktor Medvedchuk and his family and wish a good rest,” he added. The Deputy is sure, the arrival of Victor Medvedchuk — “another proof that Ukraine is a sensible policy.” And this, in his words, “gives hope for the salvation of the neighboring country and the restoration of normal relations between the two brotherly countries in the future.”This opinion is shared by the Deputy of the state Council of the Republic of Crimea, Chairman of the Committee on tourism, resorts and sports Alexey Chernyak. “Crimea was, is and will always be the most hospitable tourist region. We welcome everybody who is coming to us with pure thoughts, to familiarize yourself with our history, attractions, improve health and relax — regardless of the position of a person, his skin color, religion or the thickness of the purse”,— said “Kommersant” the Deputy.Matthew Shimanov, Kyiv; Oleksandr Dremluga, Simferopolska five-year plan in 20 grattacieli next